RNC sues Salesforce to block January 6 committee data dump

Axios learned that the Republican National Committee has sued its own email vendor, Salesforce, and is making last effort to avoid passing extensive internal data to the January 6 selection committee. ..

News promotion: The RNC is seeking an emergency injunction to prevent software giants from complying with subpoenas from panels investigating parliamentary riots by 10 am Wednesday.

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Important reason: In the absence of an injunction, the Commission will have access to extensive data on RNC and Trump campaign funding practices.

  • It seeks that information as part of an investigation into the use of false allegations regarding fraudulent elections in 2020 to raise funds for political efforts along Trump.

  • The summoned records contain extensive information about who sent the funding emails at RNC, who received them, and how effective they were in raising funds after the 2020 elections. ..

detail: The subpoena seeks RNC and Trump campaign funding data collected from the use of Salesforce email marketing software.

  • RNC is also fixed Proceedings filed last week Against the Commission to include Salesforce as a defendant.

  • Axios has confirmed a copy of both the amended complaint and the injunction allegations.

Line spacing: According to RNC, Salesforce was the first to guarantee that the data would not be handed over while the proceedings against the Commission were pending.

  • However, the day after Axios reported the proceedings, Salesforce told RNC that it was legally required to create the requested records, regardless of the proceedings, the amended complaint said. It is.

What they are saying: The Republican National Committee “requested the court to expedite the case,” Chief Adviser Justin Reamer told Axios in an email statement.

  • It added Salesforce to the proceedings, he said, “to protect the constitutional rights of the Republicans and their millions of supporters.”

  • “The court hasn’t considered it yet, but the Special Committee requires Salesforce to immediately submit the personal data of millions of Americans and RNC’s political strategy at the heart of our proceedings. increase.”

Salesforce spokesperson I declined to comment.

Please do not forget: The RNC claims that the January 6th Commission was not properly organized and therefore has no subpoena authority.

  • Experts told Axios last week that courts have traditionally hesitated to limit Congress’s investigative powers, but RNC’s victory in this case (also claiming violations of the First and 4 Constitutional Amendments) is a problem. He said he wasn’t outside.

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