Rob Gronkowski used a clever trick to trick Bacchus into believing he had completed his off-season training.

Rob Gronkowski.

Rob Gronkowski works well during the Buccaneers training camp.Kim Clement-USA TODAY Sports

  • Rob Gronkowski tricked the Tampa Bay Buccaneers into believing they had completed their off-season training.

  • The tight end told reporters that they would switch shirts to look like another day.

  • “He didn’t have today’s clue that I was fooling him for half an hour,” Gronck said.

Rob Gronkowski pulled a fast one at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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The superstar tight end was asked to complete a series of off-season training before reporting to the 2021 season training camp. But when it was time to sprint, Gronck wasn’t exactly interested.

So he was improvised.

Rob Gronkowski.

Gronkowski.Associated Press Photo / John Munson

“Oh, I tricked them,” Gronkowski said during recent media availability, Check down..

“I tricked them a few times,” he added with a smile.

Rather than performing daily sprints as the team requested and filming parts of individual sessions, five professional bowlers complete one set of sprints a day and shirt “like 15 times.” I exchanged it and made it look like him. Completed execution on another day.

“So the next time I came, I didn’t have to shoot myself,” Gronck explained. “I had already taken a picture of myself running in a different shirt each time.”


Gronkowski.Associated Press Photo / Alex Menendez

Gronck’s ingenuity didn’t seem to have influenced his performance during the season. He recorded 802 receive yards with 89 targets this year. This is the highest output since the 2017 Pro Bowl and New England Patriots’ first team, the Allpro Season.

It is unknown if Gronkowski will stay in Tampa Bay. Legendary quarterback tom brady Have Announced his retirement.. But even if you do, rest assured that he can withstand the usual hygiene.

“”[The team] I didn’t have a clue to this day I was fooling [them] It’s about half the time, “Gronck said with a laugh.

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