Rob Kardashian testified that he had never loved Blac Chyna and said he began dating her at “the worst point in history” in his life.

Los Angeles — Rob Kardashian testified on Wednesday that he didn’t love his ex-fiancé Blac Chyna when he proposed to her in 2016, suggesting that she take advantage of their engagement to watch reality shows. Did.

“It wasn’t the true type of love,” Rob said, claiming he had repeatedly pointed his gun at his head in a December 2016 incident at the house where they lived. so”

“That’s not the way my dad raised me,” Rob continued. “It’s not love.”

His comments were made during a jury trial Cina’s civil proceedings To her mother, Kris Jenner, and her three sisters, Kim, Chloe, and Kylie, China alleges that she has defamed her and accidentally interfered with Rob’s second-season contract with her. increase. Reality show, Rob & China..Over 90 minutes in tense and enthusiastic testimony, Rob explains how he and China began their relationship when he was at the “lowest point in history” in his life, a jury trial. Talked about her night Allegedly tried to kill him In December 2016, at the house of Kylie Jenner, where the former couple lived.

“I was probably in the worst place of my life,” Rob said, saying he had just been hospitalized for diabetes and other symptoms. “I was in a very vulnerable state.”

In a question from Chyna’s lawyer Lynne Ciani, he explained that when he and Chyna started talking in early 2016, he “became friends with her.” He said he ignored the “negative things” he heard about her, such as when Kylie began dating rapper Taiga, threatening to kill her sister Kylie.

“I just left her to her,” Rob said.

When Siani asked Rob if he loved China when he suggested to her around his birthday in March 2016, he emphasized and said “no.” And he suggested that her engagement was “to market her TV show the next day for her” and “to bring her more money.”

“I supported her because I’m obviously with her, but that’s not my personality,” Rob said.

He then shared a recollection of the December 2016 incident. Caused anxiety and anxiety Called them among the Kardashian / Jenner clans Rob & China Don’t be updated — though they deny putting pressure on E! To do so, he said the decisions belonged to the network, not theirs.The turmoil of the Kardashian family Rob strangled with a cell phone charging cordHe hit him with a metal rod, pointed his gun at him, and threw a patio chair into his car as he left the house. Meanwhile, Chyna just joked, she accused her of ruining her reality show career with the Kardashian family’s turmoil.

Rob initially started with a “playful” night, and the two threw money and said it was “interesting.” But then Rob said China had “struck a few times” on his body and face with a metal rod, pointing his gun at his head in two installments, wrapping his iPhone’s charging cord around his neck.

Rob testified that he tried to get away from the situation by going to another room in the house after each encounter he said happened overnight and in the morning. At some point, after he was trapped in the bedroom, Chyna “broke the door,” he said.

“When the gun was pointed at my head several times, it became very scary,” Rob said.

Siani asked Rob if the alleged “batter” left a mark on his face. He said they couldn’t remember that, but admitted that there were no visible injuries to his face in the two photographs taken after the incident.

In another question, when Ciani again pointed out that there were no traces on his face as a result of the attack, Rob was excited and just because Chyna hit him with a metal rod doesn’t mean he would. Said. Leave a mark on his face.

“It left no mark on my face,” Rob testified. “The gun on my head … left no trace in my temple.”

“You are acting like this … [it] “It didn’t happen,” he told the court. It’s not fair. “

Rob said the relationship was over after the December 2016 incident and he and China were no longer involved in his mind, but she said they probably thought they were. (Last week, Chyna testimony That they continued to engage. )

Still, she “forced” him to go out for dinner a few weeks later for New Year’s Eve, Rob said, when Siani showed their video to court from that night. He explained to the jury that he had social and anxiety in his body and he generally did not like to leave the house.

“I wasn’t happy,” he testified, adding that Chyna often posts things on social media “to portray untrue images.”

“It’s just a fake,” Rob said.

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