Robbery increases by 6% when people leave home after being blocked in the UK


According to insurance companies, the number of robbers reported to police increased as blockade restrictions were relaxed and people began to leave more homes.

Churchill said police reported an increase of 6.2 percent between the first and second quarters of this year.

This means that there were 3,600 robbers between April and June rather than January and March.

About £ 169m ($ 232m) could have been stolen during this time, according to Churchill.

“It’s no surprise that the relaxation of blockage restrictions has increased the number of people using their homes to leave their homes,” said Steven Williams, Head of Churchill Home Insurance. I am.

“People are preparing to go on vacation and return to the office, so take the time to review the security measures they are implementing and make sure that the doors and windows are locked and other simple things. It’s a good idea to start with. In many cases, the simplest method is the most effective. “

According to a survey conducted by insurance companies, 69% of the 4 million people planning to furl or work from home in the coming months are worried about robbery.

A quarter told insurers that they were “extremely concerned.”

The investigators spoke with over 2,000 people during the week at the end of July.

Over the last five years, 30% of robbers have occurred during the day when the occupiers were out.

About one-fifth of all robbers occurred when people were at work.

As the blockade restrictions have been relaxed, people are spending more time catching up with friends and family, some of whom will not have met for more than a year.

About 20% of the 2,000 people spoken by Churchill researchers said they spend more time outside their homes to take advantage of these freedoms.

About one-fifth also said they plan to take more than a week off this summer.

According to a survey, only 39% of respondents spent more time at home than usual during a pandemic.

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