Robert Shuk, the first survivor of a South Carolina shooting, dies

A North Carolina man who first survived a mass shooting in the countryside of York County, South Carolina, died Wednesday and became the sixth person to be killed by a gunman who later killed him.

GSM Services, an HVAC company that has adopted Robert Shook, announced his death on Saturday night. The York County Coroner office also confirmed Shook’s death in a statement.

“It’s very sad to announce that our beloved colleague Robert Shuk succumbed to his injury and died from this earthly world late this afternoon. We all hurt. So we must pay attention to comforting each other and Robert’s family: “Company owners Joel and Stephen Long said in the announcement.

The announcement added, “We are all facing this, so keep his family in your prayers tonight and for the next few days.”

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Robert Shook, a GSM service HVAC engineer living in Cherryville, is in jeopardy after a mass shooting on Wednesday in York County, South Carolina.  Five people have died.

Robert Shook, a GSM service HVAC engineer living in Cherryville, is in jeopardy after a mass shooting on Wednesday in York County, South Carolina. Five people have died.

Shook and his GSM colleague James Lewis of Gastonia were in York County, South Carolina, working when 70-year-old Dr. Robert Lesslie and his wife Barbara, 69, were shot on Wednesday. ..

Dr. Leslie and his wife died in a shooting with two grandchildren, 9-year-old Ada and 5-year-old Noah.

The shooter committed suicide shortly after the conflict with the police.

Shook, who said his family had been shot six times, used his cell phone to seek help from the work supervisor of a GSM service based in Gastonia, North Carolina, despite being injured. Then his boss called 911.

Shook fought for four days at Carolina’s Medical Center in Atrium Health in Charlotte.The doctor talked to his family from the beginning The chances of him surviving were small.

His family and GSM colleagues asked the community to pray for Shook’s recovery on Friday.

Heather Thompson, who spoke on behalf of Shook’s family on Friday, described her cousin as “Superman.” Like Lewis, Sheikh was 38 years old and both men had three children.

“He loves children,” Thompson said on Friday. “He walks this globe and wears those work boots every day for his and his wife’s three children.”

Dr. Leslie is a beloved doctor in the Rock Hill community of South Carolina, with a population of approximately 75,000. He has worked in the emergency room of a local hospital for decades and has also started emergency care centers in two regions.

The Leslie family explained their grief through a local sheriff’s office and issued a statement calling for prayer for all parties, including the suspect’s family.

“We are in the midst of a truly unimaginable moment,” the Leslie family said in a statement. “At this point, we can’t say the losses we’re suffering. We know there’s no answer to the” why “question, but we’re certainly convinced of one thing. The promise of Jesus Christ. That is why our hearts are bent towards forgiveness and peace. “

GSM service established GoFundMe page To help the children of Lewis and Sheikh.

The Leslie family encouraged those who wanted to do something for their families to stock free pantry and libraries in your community and donate to Campjoy, North Carolina. Dr. Leslie has volunteered to camp for over 20 years as a camp doctor, according to Brent Turner, the secretary-general of the camp overseeing organization.

This article was originally published in The Gaston Gazette. Shooting in Rock Hill, South Carolina: Sixth Victim, Robert Shuk Die