ROC wins gold medal in women’s foil team final


ROC gold medalists Inna Deriglazova, Adelina Zagidulina, Larisa Korobenikova and Marta Martyanova will celebrate their victory at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Women’s Wheel Team medal ceremony at the Makuhari Messe Hall in Chiba Prefecture. July 29, 2021. (Carl Recine / Reuters)

Japan’s Chiba-Russia Olympic Committee (ROC) defeated France in the final of the Tokyo Olympics and won the women’s foil team event on Thursday.

The Russians, ranked number one in the world, started slowly and steadily, leading the French and finally winning the match 45–34.

It was despite receiving medical assistance when Martha Marchanova appeared to have sprained her ankle in one of the seizures.

However, she played for the team, but after the match she told reporters that she tried to block the pain by wrapping her arm around the shoulders of her teammates who supported her.

The final match was between ROC’s top-ranked Inna Deligrasova and France’s Isa Oratives, who won a breathtaking upset victory in the semi-finals after a 42-42 draw with Italy. rice field.

Fencing-Women's Team Foil-Medal Ceremony
ROC gold medalists Inna Deriglazova, Adelina Zagidullina, Larisa Korobeynikova, Marta Martyanova, silver medalists Anita Blaze, Astrid Guyart, Pauline Ranvier, French Ysaora Thibus, bronze medalist Erica Cipressa, Arianna Errigo During the medal ceremony of the women’s foil team of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics held at Machari Messe Hall in Chiba City, Japan on July 29th. (Carl Recine / Reuters)

Deligrasova and Tivas stared carefully at each other across the slopes and rushed many times, with Tibas successfully swiping the opponent’s torso. However, it was Deligrasova who finally won the 45th place.

With the exception of Martyanova, who had to crouch to celebrate her victory, she screamed and wiped out the mask as her teammates rushed around her in a flock.

“It was a really tough match, we knew it. I think we were able to get a better start … when they have the lead, move them and come back from there Is really difficult, “Tibas said.

“They played a really great match, so it’s worth it today,” she added.

Italy won the bronze medal match against the United States and became the first country to win seven consecutive medals at the women’s team’s Wheel Olympic Games. They were previously tied to the Soviet Union and Hungary with six consecutive medals.

Sakura Murakami