Rocket Lab will postpone its first lunar mission to the end of 2021

Rocket Lab Electron

Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab is getting closer and closer to the first lunar launch. The company announced earlier that NASA’s CAPSTONE mission will be launched from New Zealand’s launch site in the fourth quarter of this year. The mission will not only use Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket, but CAPSTONE will also be the first to use the company’s Photon platform to help The CAPSTONE cubic satellite heads to the moon.

CAPSTONE is part of NASA’s Artemis project, mainly to demonstrate the power requirements for the Near-Rectlinear Halo Orbit (Near-Rectlinear Halo Orbit) to the moon, and to test the satellite-to-satellite communication system. It was originally planned to be launched by Virginia in the United States in early 2021, but it was postponed to the end of the year for some reason. CAPSTONE will serve as the pioneer of the Lunar Gateway lunar space station and make preliminary preparations.

For Rocket Lab, CAPSTONE will undoubtedly be an important milestone. In addition to the aforementioned Photon, Rocket Lab also joined the Artemis project, opening another private company to participate in NASA’s lunar activities. And even though it is only a small cubic satellite that can send objects to the moon’s orbit, it is also a great affirmation of Rocket Lab’s strength.