Rocks don’t need your Whitesplaining. None of us do.

Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson / The Daily Beast / Getty

Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson / The Daily Beast / Getty

I’m sick of white liberal Virtue-‘Explain to the people of color what we should say, think and feel.

As Longtime Latin columnist, I give my opinion to make a living, and it’s part of the job description that you can never please anyone. This has made many things a virtue-for over 30 years, often look down The white liberals who talk to me because they believed they were better people who care more about my people than I do.

An exchange comes to mind, but it happened before I entered the professional opinion business. As a student at Harvard University, I openly confronted trade union President Cesar Chavez. I’m from the same area of ​​Central California where much of UFW’s legendary history was written. At that time, and now, my informed view is that UFW began in the 1980s with its original mission to organize farm workers to focus on marketing grape boycotts to the white liberals of the northeast. It is a deviation.

Chavez was angry at the challenge and ended up with a tense exchange. Attending was Kelly Kennedy, the daughter of my hero Robert F. Kennedy. He later came to me, stabbed her finger in my face and scolded me for her violation. “Which side are you on?” She asked with contempt.

Writing meaningful things about politicians is as American as apple pie

I imagine rock can be involved for now. Even if one of the most successful action movie stars in the world, Dwayne Johnson, half black and half Samoan, is unaffected by virtue.

As Johnson recently learned, he is not free to think for himself or to express an opinion that has not been pre-approved by a moral arbitrator representing the best of us.

The person who took it on himself to steal the chips at The Rock was a best-selling author and liberal activist. Don Winslow..During the dark days of the Trump era, Winslow began to work on social commentary. Tweet about politics He made a short video about the current event and significantly increased his followers in the process.

Last week, Winslow stepped up to inform Johnson that he had no freedom to publicly express his support, admiration, or affection for controversial podcaster Joe Rogan. This is the inside story that explains how we got here.

Comedians and commentators hosting very popular podcasts Joe Rogan Experience Inaccurate claims about COVID-19 and vaccination have been accused over the past few months. Logan, who has downloaded 11 million episodes of the podcast, has been accused of giving suspiciously qualified rough vaccine critics considerable airtime to cite suspicious “research.”

This infuriated Logan’s critics. He claims he is “disseminating false information” to the public and accuses him of contributing to the deaths of more than 900,000 Americans by the coronavirus.

Broadcasting falsehoods and semi-truths does not undermine Logan’s bottom line. In 2020, he signed a multi-year, $ 100 million contract with Spotify.

To protest the Spotify-Rogan partnership, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell have drawn music from a Swedish-based audio streaming and media service provider.

In response, Logan almost posted 10 minute video With his Instagram account on January 31, he tried to explain himself and promised to do a better job in the future, broadcasting more diverse opinions.

“I’m sorry if I offend you,” Logan told his 14 million followers in a video. “I’m not trying to promote false information. I’m not going to be controversial. I tried to do anything other than talk to people and have funny conversations in this podcast. It is not.”

Nonetheless, podcasters have also pushed back accusations of disseminating false information about COVID-19 and vaccines.

“Especially today, the problem I have with the term false information is that much of what I thought was false information just a while ago is now accepted as a fact,” he said. ..

Johnson was clearly impressed by the emotions expressed and posted the following supportive comments on Logan’s Instagram account:

That seemingly harmless remark rebelled against the virtue police, and this is where the story went in an unpleasant direction-probably the ugliest and most triggering word in English.

After singer-songwriter India.Arie posted on social media on February 3rd Video montage Logan has said N-word more than 20 times on podcasts over the last 12 years, at some point joking about the movie. Planet of the apes Winslow, a black neighborhood, saw an opportunity to tweak Johnson in a tweet.

“You are a hero to many people and use the platform to defend Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan is a man who laughed at using N-word dozens of times and your power is terrible. It ’s used. ”Winslow I wrote on Twitter.. “Have you actually heard many racist remarks about this guy’s blacks?”

It is the special, focused form of Chutzpah that dares to suggest that white men care more about “blacks” than real blacks.

Still, Johnson was kind in response, Tweet back to Winslow: “I’m 100% listening to you and everyone here. I wasn’t aware of the use of (Logan’s) N-word before the comment, but now I’m educated by his complete story. It’s a learning moment for me. “

Rogan apologizes for using N-word. He should be as well.

This is a learning moment for everyone. Winslow seems to see Johnson as having the magical social media “power” he wants to adopt. However, the writer has 770,000 Twitter followers, is a big platform, and you can use it however you like.

The question is, in cancel culture, what’s usually happening around you. Think of a celebrity journalist attacking a male politician experiencing the moment of #MeToo. These days it’s a long list.

The teachers union, like our other people, needs to adapt

Winslow must meet the criteria set and use a fair amount of soap boxes to apologize for his hypocrisy.After all, many of the author’s cruder books Throw “N-word” freely.

As a Mexican-American, especially a passage from his book BarbarianThis refers to “Humble and Respectful (N Word) Tacos Mexicans”.

Winslow, think of this as a moment of learning. You may be a fiction writer, and the words of your character are not your own, but your crude prose may be interpreted as “a terrible use of your power.” That’s what happens when you decide to crack down on someone else’s words — you will inevitably be scrutinized into intolerance. It’s fair.

It’s not enough to just want people with colors to be free.You cannot legally avoid calling yourself liberal until you release them. you.

Winslow-and become a discourse cop like him-should retreat. Lock the lock, leave the white liberal, and the rest of us.

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