Roger Ailes once said he didn’t like talking to Trump on the phone because the then presidential candidate “continuously” interfered with him: Book

Roger Ailes

Fox News CEO Roger Ailes then poses at Fox News headquarters on September 29, 2006.Associated Press Photo / Jim Cooper, File

  • The late Roger Ailes, according to a new book, said it was “continuously” interrupted by former President Trump during the talks.

  • In this book, Times reporter Jeremy W. Peters writes about the relationship between two men.

  • Yale’s expressed his feelings about Trump to former Fox News Chief Legal Analyst Andrew Napolitano.

According to a new book, at some point in 2016, the late Fox News chairman Roger Ailes had to talk to then-network legal analyst Andrew Napolitano with then-candidate President Donald Trump. He said he wasn’t excited when he had to.

“When he calls me, I hate it. He tells me like I talk to you. He cuts me off. He doesn’t let me finish my writing. He Always disturbs me, “written by New York Times political reporter Jeremy W. Peters.

When Roger Ailes was chairing Fox News, he took the network to a dizzying height in the world of cable news, with voices like political commentator Glenn Beck and 2008 Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Raised for a conservative audience across the country.

But there was one person who was key to the rise of Ailes, dating back to his time at CNBC — Trump.

The former president has been a staple in the media and television world for many years since the 1980s. interview To his success at CNN’s “Larry King Show” Stint Regarding NBC’s “Apprentice,” it was Fox News that the rise in Trump’s name recognition triggered his upcoming 2016 presidential election.

In 2011, Yale’s made a big bet on Trump, giving him a weekly time slot on the network, telling staff that businessmen are “relatively wealthy” people who prove to be attractive to viewers. I did. Future books..

Trump was able to provide the network with its own star power, but it also helped the proponents of exaggerated businessmen. Change shape As Peters elaborated, American political discourse over the next few years “Rebellion: How did Republicans lose the party and get everything they ever wanted?” It will be released on February 8th.

For the 2016 presidential election, Trump participated as the first political candidate before rapidly dominating the Republican territory, but attracted viewers to the network.

Ailes — Exiled from the network in May 2016 confronting Multiple accusations of previous sexual harassment He died According to the book, May 2017 — he was aware of the politician he helped create.

Former President Despite Fox News’ role in Trump’s journey to the White House Stay frustrated By a network decision to call Arizona for now on Election Night in 2020-President Joe Biden.

Mr. Trump was praised even for the downgrade that the network experienced last year.

“They’re not doing well right now, so it’s good to see,” he told Peters in an interview last summer.

The former president then returned to his relationship with the late network executives.

“Roger wasn’t the easiest guy to deal with,” he said. “But what he did was great, and he made a huge one.”

Then he emphasized: “And if they aren’t careful, that huge thing can evaporate very quickly.”

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