Roger Stone Melts As January 6th Commission Hearing Unfolds


Alex Wong/Getty Images

Alex Wong/Getty Images

As January 6th Committee played a video of Roger Stone’s closed room deposition And footage from a yet-to-be-released documentary chronicling the long-running unofficial dirty trickster ahead of the 2020 election. donald trump Advisors desperately melted online.

“In 2000, when the Bush v. Gore election was still in doubt, James A. Baker III urged Bush to claim victory and he did it and was hailed as a genius,” he wrote. telegram when the public hearing is unfolded; “When Trump said he should have done the same (in public, but not against Trump or anyone around him), he was accused of criminal conduct. Total BS.

As the commission was presenting their case, on Thursday afternoon Stone doubled down by posting a photo of an empty hamburger van, attempting to mock the Jan. 6 commission as an “empty burger.” and

“All I saw at the Commission today, January 6th, was guilt by solidarity,” he declared. It is certainly not evidence of a criminal conspiracy.If the Commission has actual evidence and content of correspondence between me and the person charged with the crime, it must be produced.”

Even before the hearings began, Stone was defensive, threatening a $25 million lawsuit against the Danish filmmaker — Frederick Marvel and Christopher Guldbrandsen — caught him in November and said, ‘Stop voting, let’s stand against violence.

Jan. 6 Commission subpoenas Donald Trump in historic vote

The footage was played at Thursday’s hearing as members of the committee alleged Trump and his associates were complicit in the Jan. 6 riots.

(Stone has since referred to her footage as “deepfake” He has not presented any evidence to support the accusations. )

“I will seek an injunction to stop the release of his film in the United States,” he added.

Stone did not respond to the Daily Beast’s request for comment.

But Stone wasn’t alone in his dismissal, which is believed to be the committee’s last televised hearing.

As a result of the Committee voting in favor of Subpoena for Donald Trumptwo advisers in the former president’s orbit scoffed at the historic action, arguing that most Americans don’t care much about the commission’s progress.

One argued that most people didn’t care about Trump’s failed coup attempt.

“Ask any random American what January 6th means to them. They probably don’t know what you’re talking about. Inflation and gas prices, and their 401( If you ask how pissed they are about the K) wreck, they’ll turn your ears away,” an adviser told The Daily Beast. It’s a responsibility, and they seem to distance themselves from what ordinary Americans really care about.”

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