ROI on Campaign Spend: Who Really Benefits?

The midterm elections set a new record for election spending, according to the poll.— At least $16.7 billion. More are expected as millions of people flow into Georgia for the Senate runoff vote.

But how effective is all this spending, and is there a cap? That’s what we asked veteran political ad man Adam Goodman. Ballard Partnersand host of the “13th & Park” podcast.

Now for America’s Q&A, what do you think is Joe Biden’s greatest accomplishment after two years in office?

Now let’s go back to campaign spending.Most candidates don’t have millions of dollars, so where does their money come from and what do donors expect in return? Dan McMillan, historian, author and founder save American democracysays the answer to this question is America’s biggest problem.

Finally, the second Q&A on America asks: What profession do you admire the most?

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