Rolling Stones tour manager Mick Brigden died in an accident while digging a dog’s grave


Beloved artist manager Mick Brigden died on Sunday, September 5, after an accident occurred in his home property in Santa Rosa, California. He was 73 years old.

His family confirmed today that an accident had occurred while he was “he was trying to dig a grave for his family’s dog at his house.”

Bridden has spent decades as a manager and road manager for musicians such as Peter Frampton, Van Morrison and Carlos Santana. He also Rolling Stones When Bob Dylan.. He is best known for managing the Grammy-nominated solo guitarist Joe Satriani for 30 years.

Joe Satriani and Manager Mick Brigden at SIR Studios in New York City on February 20, 1988.  (Ebet Roberts / Redferns)

Joe Satriani and Manager Mick Brigden at SIR Studios in New York City on February 20, 1988. (Ebet Roberts / Redferns)

Brigden was born on November 4, 1947 in Southend-on-Sea, England, but he said he eventually left for Canada at the age of 19. Obituary.. In the late 1960s, he met Felix Paparadi of rock band Mountain, became a road manager, moved to Toronto, worked as a graphic artist, and then moved to New York.

In July 1969, Brigden met his wife Julia and rock concert promoter Bill Graham when everyone attended a concert at Fillmore West in San Francisco. Bridden became a disciple of Graham, and after working for him for seven years, took over the administration of his company, Bill Graham Presents. At BGP, Bridden and his co-leader Arnie Putilnik launched Wolfgang Records in the late 1970s, with “Take Me Home Tonight” singer Eddie Money becoming the label’s first signature.

Brigden and his wife settled in Santa Rosa in 2001 after spending time in the San Francisco Bay Area. He later discovered his talent for growing grapes in his vineyards, which were used to make owl ridge Cabernet.

Satriani wrote an essay in honor of Brigden Website..

“He was the ultimate music business mentor,” Satriani wrote. “Honest, tough, raised, hardworking, polite, tenacious and insightful, he was all of them and more. I learned a lot from Mick how to be a good person. Throughout his illustrious career, he did the greatest and greatest work, but always knew that it was important to be kind, respectful, cool and do things the right way. “

Rocker Sammy Hagar also shared Post to Facebook Honor the late Brigden. When Bridgeyan was in control of the rock band Humble Pie, they toured together and Hagar’s band Montrose opened for them.

“Mick Brigden was the first person to take care of me on the road,” Hugger wrote. “Montrose opened for Humble Pie during the three years we were traveling. Mick was their tour manager, lighting director, stage manager and it seemed he did it all. Once lit for Montrose and hung out with us on holidays as real soldiers and loyal friends. “

Bridden is survived by his wife Julia, son Jack, stepdaughter Jessica, and grandson David.