Romney, who criticizes Trump and Biden, says the United States is facing the current situation in Afghanistan “due to the terrible decisions made by the two administrations.”


Mitt Romney

Utah Senator Mitt Romney. Stephanie Reynolds / New York Times via AP, Pool

  • Senator Mitt Romney has blown up Afghanistan’s policies by President Biden and former President Trump.

  • At CNN, he called the current situation in Afghanistan a “tragedy of humanitarian and foreign policy.”

  • Romney said leaving Afghanistan’s allies behind after the withdrawal of the United States would be a “moral stain.”

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Senator Mitt Romney said on Sunday that the current situation in Afghanistan was the result of policy failures by President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

Appearing In CNN’s “program,” Utah Republicans are “preventable” in rushing to withdraw Afghan allies and Americans to host Jake Tapper, and U.S. forces will continue to stay in the country after August. He said he criticized the past decisions of the two administrations when asked if he should stay. .31 Deadline to support further evacuation.

“Leaving the Americans behind and leaving the Afghan friends who worked with us will attack us and give us moral stains,” said the Senator. “This didn’t have to happen. It was preventable. We didn’t have to be in this rushing situation where terrorists exhale from their necks.”

He emphasized that: “But it is the responsibility of the previous administration and this administration that brought us this crisis and caused the tragedy of humanitarian and foreign policy.”

Romney, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, continued to focus on what he felt was a serious failure in Biden and Trump’s approach to ending the war in Afghanistan.

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“If we focus on what we should do now, be aware that we are in the position we are in now, due to the terrible decisions made by the two administrations,” he said. .. “One was that the Trump administration negotiated directly with the Taliban and prepared to invite them to Camp David, opening 5,000 Taliban and perhaps ISIS-K personal prisons and releasing them. Some of them released them. I don’t know if I was involved. In the attack that occurred. “

“These were the decisions you were seeing and the dangers that existed at the airport. This shouldn’t have happened.”

Thursday terrorist attack near Kabul Airport It killed at least 169 Afghans and 13 U.S. military personnel It has been the worst day for US military members in the country since 2011.

Romney was also critical of Biden’s decision close Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan, once the largest US military base in the country, later fell to the Taliban.

The main facility was abandoned by the United States prior to the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Romney went on to say that the war on terrorism would continue even with troops abroad.

“As a party, we can’t end the war,” he said. “Two parties are needed to end the war. The Taliban of the world and the radically violent jihadists have not stopped the fight. They will continue to fight us. The war is not over. . “

Romney focused on Biden and Trump in his criticism, but the handling of the war was overseen by former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, who first sent US troops to Afghanistan in the aftermath of the September 11 attack. Was done. , Sent an additional army of 30,000 to the country in late 2009.

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