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Kevin McCarthy’s Strategy to Control Republican Radicals: Don’t

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Blockway / The Daily Beast / Getty When House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) begins criticizing Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) during a house debate on Tuesday. , QAnon Curious MP immediately sought a nearby ally on the floor: Kevin McCarthy Greene went to the Republican leader of the House of Representatives, sat next to him, and while Hoyer was speaking, the two Began to whisper to each other. Democratic leaders were talking about Green’s quirky and aggressive history of social media. Past support for tweets calling for the assassination of Congressman Nancy Pelosi. Green’s enthusiastic tweet appeared only on Tuesday, as McCarthy wanted to look back on his previous efforts to bring Green’s Commission back to the Democratic Party. McCarthyism said that if former police officer Derek Chauvin was not convicted of murdering George Floyd, protesters should confront, Maxine Waters because she instigated violence. He was pushing for a resolution condemning Congressman (D-CA). Although the condemnation resolution failed, it unified the entire Republican meeting and easily changed the subject from the controversy caused by McCarthy’s own members. But that short scene on Tuesday’s house floor could encapsulate McCarthy’s leadership strategy in 2021. McCarthy preferred a softer touch instead of dominating with an iron fist. He continued to fold the party’s most controversial members and chose to focus primarily on the Democratic Party, rather than sticking to the nasty views that spring from his own class. again and again. Where former Republicans in the House of Representatives (such as Paul Ryan and John Bener) would have been away from the most fringed elements of the GOP meeting, McCarthy brought them closer. literally. When McCarthy sat with Green on Tuesday, he was with Clay Higgins, a Louisiana Republican who claimed his wife had a gift of premonition last year, and another puzzled Republican, Matt Gaetz. He was also sitting next to Congressman (R-FL). Gates is under federal investigation for paying for sex with a minor girl. However, McCarthy has prevented Gates from taking any disciplinary action unless a formal accusation is filed. It’s different from the treatment of former Congressman Steve King (Republican), who McCarthy stripped the Commission from his racist history. Remarks β€” McCarthy seems to be reluctant to do anything about what many lawmakers say or do nasty things these days. And that loose parental style seems to have beaten a particular delegation of the Republican Conference. Lauren Boebert, a Republican, told The Daily Beast this week. Bobert, who proudly declared off the floor on January 6, proudly declared that there were members outside the building. For example, John Bener’s close ally. However, Bobert seemed to be delighted with the prospects for McCarthy’s talk. The same is true for another member, Madison Cawthorn (Republican), who made a big lie and helped incite the January 6 attack. Corthorn told The Daily Beast that McCarthy’s leadership was “great and extraordinary.” Such praise may be abundant for Democrats. When Democratic Council Chairman Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) was asked about Waters’ comments and the Republicans tried to blame her, he said McCarthy should be worried about his rank. “Marjorie Taylor Greene is confused. Clear the turmoil, Kevin. Sit down,” Jeffreys said. Personally, some Republicans admit the reality of the turmoil. Let’s go. “Kevin McCarthy doesn’t manage the meeting. Republican lawmakers told The Daily Beast.” He’s just riding, like everyone else. “” At some point. Adults need to take over, “said a senior Republican aide. “Being a close friend of everyone is not an effective leadership strategy,” and another Republican executive aide said he had taken Steve King to a man who reminded him of “everyone who would hear.” The Republican leaders’ office declined to comment on the story. But McCarthy is all smiling and has established himself as a leader in returning the Republican Party to power. Even critics acknowledge that, noting the increasing surprises of the party in the 2020 elections and the incredible ability of leaders as a fundraiser. Right wing in the name of gaining and maintaining power. Bener, who is currently on a promotional tour of his new memoirs, said the negotiations prevented him from running a functional party after a wave of tea parties shot him into a speakership in 2011. It reflects the method you have made possible. We see McCarthy, who was defeated at the 2020 Primary, heading that way. “His only job was to keep the meeting together.” Riggleman said, “If he can appease all these individuals, he will be elected chairman in 2022.” To keep your agenda moving, and to satisfy one thing Kevin McCarthy wants-to be a speaker? But McCarthy deals with more than a little crazy. Since the start of the new session, the controversy has been relentless in the House Republicans. Several House Republicans, such as Mo Brooks (R-AL) and Corthorn, spoke at a “stop stealing” rally prior to a deadly attack on the Capitol by Trump-supporting mobs. Other party members, such as Congressman Andy Biggs (R-AZ), who reportedly chaired the Conservative Freedom Caucus, coordinated with the organizers of the right-most rally. Republican Party β€” voted against the Electoral College anyway. Some Republicans still remember the turmoil that led to the vote when McCarthy didn’t take the position to vote against or prove the result. He voted against it, after which McCarthy was unable to keep his own story about the riots straight and confused many within the party. Initially, Republican leaders said President Trump, his close ally and benefactor, was “responsible” for the parliamentary attack. A week later, he turned back, saying that Trump didn’t cause it, and that “everyone” was responsible for encouraging peaceful demonstrations. By the end of January, McCarthy and Trump had been photographed together at Mar-a-Lago with a grin. In a report that the two made a blast call on January 6, Trump coldly suggested that the attack was justified and was shocked during Trump’s impeachment trial, but changed their relationship. It seems that I couldn’t do it. Fresh report on Green’s past rhetoric in January Pressured to respond to McCarthy, including her embrace of conspiracy theories about school shootings and wildfires caused by Jews. Finally, he issued a statement stating that Green’s comments “do not represent the values ​​or beliefs of the House Republican Conference.” However, Republican leaders organized a meeting in opposition to a successful Democratic-led effort to drive Green out of the committee. Only 11 Republicans supported the measure. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) voted to blame Trump, casting far more votes in the secret ballot. The juxtaposition of Cheney and Green’s treatment discouraged Republican aides about the party’s direction. However, McCarthyism stuck for Cheney at a private meeting where Republicans made fun of her because she impeached Trump. Doug Hay, a former adviser to former House of Representatives leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), said it was a rewarding example of McCarthy’s balancing act. “Today is a much harder job than before,” he said. “He did a good job of bringing the members together.” But in the eyes of many Capitol Hill Republicans, McCarthy’s accommodation knack caused a series of problems of its own. Last week, Punchbowl News reported that Green and Rep. Paul Gosar (Republican) are trying to form “America First Caucus” on the premise of promoting the restoration of the political value of “Anglo-Saxon” to Congress and the country. When the Republicans, including Green, who accused the staff of signing the project, despite other members confirming her involvement, the Republicans quickly moved away from the project and McCarthy released. A statement criticizing it, even if he avoided mentioning it by name. “America is based on the idea that we are all created equally and success comes from honest and diligent efforts. It was not built on identity, race or religion,” McCarthy tweeted. Did. “The Republican Party is Lincoln’s party, not the dog whistle of immigrant exclusion, but the party of more opportunities for all Americans.” One of his strengths is that he “never gives up” on members of his conference. “He knows when to discipline meetings and individual members,” Cole said. “But I think Kevin is always trying to save relations and unite Republican meetings.” But King, a former Iowa Republican who embraced the white supremacist rhetoric, said that at America’s first caucuses, I saw McCarthy remove his commission mission in 2019. “He made some difficult decisions,” Cole said of McCarthy. “It depends a lot on whether he thinks it’s a one-off crime or a habit,” said Riggleman, one of the few Republican voices who took the threat of QAnon and right-wing extremism seriously. At this point, they were reluctant to discipline and break discipline on these far-right lawmakers, and speculated that they had room to promote the U.S. Caucus. .. I think he did, “said Wriggleman. But he also mentioned the other side of McCarthy’s possible calculations of speakership. “If he didn’t give them a rope, would he have an enemy on the far right against him, and he wouldn’t win a majority because McCarthy was very systematic about the development of allies at this point. So he may have seized such a threat. In 2015, McCarthy and Jim Jordan (R-OH) were enemies. Freedom Caucus co-founder was a speakership when Bener resigned. But since then, thanks to one Republican political figure, Trump, the two have locked their arms and McCarthy has promoted Jordan to a major post. Like the top Republicans of the influential House of Justice Committee. Trump’s year left Jordan singing McCarthy’s praise. “Kevin did a really good job of putting our team together. I did, “he told Daily Beast. The example illustrates McCarthy’s unique skill set, Cole said. “I look at Jim Jordan and claim to have helped him turn into an asset.” Hey, this guy is talented. Let’s find a way to work with him, “Cole said. It was. “Jim is a very effective member of us, and he did it by giving him a leadership position that no one else would have given him.” Indeed, Bener Called a “legislative terrorist,” Jordan is now an established power center for the Republican House of Representatives. Its development can be chilling for those who don’t want to see something like Green in a similar position years later. However, many Republicans seem to see McCarthy’s plight clearly. “We have to connect people,” Glenn Grothman (R-WI) told The Daily Beast at McCarthy’s job. “You need to line them up, but if you don’t agree with them today, you need to remember that you may need to vote for them tomorrow.” Read more at The Daily Beast. Put your top stories in your inbox every day. .. Sign up now! 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