Rona Ambrose, Chair of Rebecca Schultz’s UCP Leadership Campaign


Candidates vying to lead Alberta’s coalition conservatives brought in a prominent former federal politician to chair the campaign.

Rebecca Schultz posted a video on Twitter on Friday showing that she was talking to former Conservative opposition leader, minister and Alberta parliamentarian Rona Ambrose.

“I have a lot of respect for her and I have a lot of confidence in her,” Ambrose said in a video about Schultz.

“I’ve known her for years, and she’s conservative in principle — exactly what we need to run this state.”

“I know what it takes to unite and lead the party,” Schultz, a Calgary Shaw legislator, wrote on Twitter.

She said in a video that Alberta is concerned that recent economic growth could be hampered if a New Democrat is elected in a local election next spring.

Schultz was the State’s Minister of Child Services before resigning to seek leadership.

Travis Toews and Rajan Sawhney also left a cabinet post for the execution of leadership. Other candidates include former Wild Rose Party leaders Daniel Smith and Brian Jean.

United Conservative will select a new leader to replace Prime Minister Jason Kenny on October 6th.

Canadian press