“Rotten Kingdom 2: Homecoming” September free download content will add the first episode map


State of Decay 2 Homecoming

State of Decay 2 Homecoming

“State of Decay 2” developed by Undead Labs and based on the theme of zombies. Although it has been launched for many years, it is still loved by fans. Therefore, the manufacturer decided to launch a new downloadable content “Going Home” on September 1st this year ( Homecoming), players will be able to return to the “Trumbull Vally” area in the first episode, and can obtain more than 10 new additional weapons to deal with more and more powerful enemies.

In the second episode of the story, the old version of “Trumbull Vally” (Trumbull Vally) has been mentioned many times, but in the story mode the protagonists can only stay in this place called “Heartlands”, “Trumbull Vally”. “Bulgu” has become an easter egg that only loyal fans will understand. After much fighting, Undead Labs decided to put this first episode of the map back into the second episode of the game, and it will be distributed for free, which I believe can satisfy many old players. In addition to the existence of old attractions such as aircraft wreckage and Ferris wheel in “Trumbull Valley”, the game will also add a number of brand-new safe house bases, allowing characters to move and station, which is convenient for exploring and destroying nearby zombie enemies.

In addition, “Rotten Kingdom 2: Homecoming” will provide a new story line, and new characters will also appear simultaneously.