Roulo!Biden’s Pooch drops a doggie doo in the White House corridor

Washington (AP) — The White House’s Doggie Doo?

It seems that one of President Joe Biden’s dogs put a Pile of Poo embossment in the corridor outside the diplomatic reception room right next to South Lawn on Wednesday.

A reporter who accompanied Jill Biden on a trip to California found a brown one in the red carpet corridor while waiting to be guided to the First Lady’s convoy just inside the mansion.

It was unclear which pouch, Major or Champ, dropped the poop.

Earlier this week Young dog major involved in his second bite case March.

Jill Biden spokesman Michael LaRosa said three-year-old German Shepherd “caught someone during a walk” on Monday. The unidentified person was examined by White House medical staff and returned to work without injury, Larosa said.

He said the Major was still acclimatized to the White House life. Before Joe Biden took office, both dogs lived with Byden in Delaware.

Champ, 12, Major had recently Returned to the White House rear Major injured Secret Service employees On March 8, they spent downtime in Delaware, and the president said the Major was trained.

Champs and Majors were later seen in South Lawn before the First Lady convoy departed Wednesday. The major was tied to a string while the champ roamed freely.

What happened on Wednesday was not the first known example of dog droppings in the White House, given the long history of presidential dog ownership.

Barack Obama’s dog Sunny His wife, Michelle, once said she liked to sneak into the mansion and poop.

President Donald Trump I didn’t have a pet At the White House.