Royal Air Force scrambles Typhoon Jet to intercept Russian bombers

The Royal Air Force (RAF) scrambled Typhoon jets on Wednesday to accommodate four Russian military aircraft approaching British airspace, the RAF confirmed.

The jet was launched from RAF Rossimas, Scotland, with the addition of a Voyager tanker from RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire.

The incident occurred less than a day after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Kiev and warned that Russia would be automatically sanctioned if it invaded Ukraine.

Epoch Times Photo
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will attend a military briefing with Colonel James HF Sarstan, commander of orbital operations in Kiev, Ukraine, on February 1, 2022. (Peter Nicholls / PA)

A RAF spokesman said:

“After that, I intercepted and escorted four Russian bear aircraft.”

The Royal Air Force has stated that Russian aircraft have never invaded British territory.

“Bear” is the NATO reporting name for the Tu-95 and Tu-142 strategic bombers.

Such interception is not uncommon for RAFs. Russian military aircraft regularly test the reaction of enemies, including the United States.

NORAD F22 intercepts Russian bomber 00
The F-22 “Raptor” fighter assigned to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) will intercept the Russian Tu-95 bomber after entering the Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone on October 19, 2020. (NORAD)

Last March, a typhoon jet from RAF Rossimas intercepted two Russian Tu-142 Bear-F aircraft over the North Sea.

In November, a Royal Air Force jet was launched in response to the Russian TU-160 Blackjack strategic bomber.

The typhoon is sometimes called the Eurofighter because of its pedigree as a joint project in Europe, and is called a multirole aircraft in the Royal Air Force.

These are primarily used as part of the Quick Reaction Alert Force. Ready to take off immediately to intercept aircraft over British airspace.

In recent months, the British government has spoken out about responding to the buildup of Russian troops at the border with Ukraine, which is believed to have brought together more than 100,000 Russian troops.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in Kiev on Tuesday that Britain and its western allies were ready to begin sanctions against Russia “the moment the first Russian toes further invaded Ukraine’s territory.”

Downing Street said it has a package of sanctions that could have a “serious” impact on the Russian economy.

On Wednesday, Foreign Minister Liz Truss also provided Britain’s “unwavering” support for Ukraine.

“A decisive and strong response to the Kremlin will help prevent the future as well as the current invasion of Russia,” said Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Simon Veazey and PA Media contributed to this report.

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