Royal Canadian Navy suffers personnel ‘crisis’: Commander


Lt. Gen. Angus Topsey speaks with reporters during an interview at the Defense Headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, Sept. 21, 2022. (The Canadian Press/Spencer Colby)

royal family Canadian Navy With hundreds of positions vacant, it suffers what its commanders say is a personnel “crisis”.

Vice Admiral Angus Topsey said nearly 1,400 sailors, about 17% of the Navy’s total ranks, would be needed to reach full strength.

Shortages arise amid a domestic recruitment crisis, Canadian Army, Topshee says vacancies include numerous mid-level positions Navy.

As such, he is forced to transfer inexperienced sailors to leadership positions as more experienced sailors are assigned to train recruits.

It also Navy It deals with seafarers and evaluates which jobs are and are not critical to naval operations.

Topshee recently Navy Their primary role was to serve officers and provide logistical support for warships.

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