Royal Commission for Veteran Suicide “Very Important”: RSL

The Veterans Memorial (RSL) welcomed the Australian Government’s announcement of the Royal Commission on Veterans Suicide Rate and said it was a very important and urgent issue.

RSL National President Maj. Gen. Greg Merrick Said The organization was looking forward to providing the federal government with opinions, advice and support on this issue.

“The issue of veterans’ mental health and veterans’ suicide is very important and needs to be addressed as an urgent issue. The RSL wants an immediate response without further delay,” Merrick said. Says.

“RSL and its veteran members continue to provide support in finding solutions to address the veteran suicide tragedy that has a profound impact on the entire veteran community.”

Mellick said in past investigations that the federal government in the past could only carry out a quarter of the recommendations that did not significantly affect the suicide rate of veterans.

“The military suicide rate is well below the national average, but among veterans it is four times the national average. It is unacceptable and unacceptable to continue,” he added.

Australia Vietnam War veteran
Australian veterans are wearing medals, including the Vietnam War (Far-L) Military Medal of Honor, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War Veterans Memorial in Sydney on August 18, 2016. .. (PeterParks / AFP / Getty Images)

Prime Minister Scott Morrison Announcement Suicide of the Federal Royal Defense Commission and veterans on Monday after the community called for a national investigation to focus on the systematic issues facing Australian Defense Force members and veterans.

“Every day, the service of veterans is under pressure, as the fact that we can live in a country where we can live here in Australia is the result of their sacrifice.” Morrison said..

“It’s the result of their service. It’s the result of their decision to join the Defense Forces, serve and defend our values.”

Epoch Times Photo
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, along with his wife Jenny, will dedicate a wreath to the Hall of Memory during the Anzac Day Memorial Service at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra on April 25, 2020. (Sean Davey / Pool / Getty Images)

According to Morrison, this includes the death of a member of the Australian Defense Force or a veteran, including the death of one person, even if the death was due to suicide.

“We have always been aware that the suicide rates of Australian Defense Force members and veterans are unacceptably high,” said the Prime Minister.

“In acknowledging the sacrifices our ministers, former members and their families have made on behalf of the country, we are obliged by our members, veterans and their families to continue their actions.”

The Royal Commission is empowered to investigate the systematic issues and themes of past deaths from suicides of Australian Defense Force members and veterans. We will also look at the experiences of members and veterans who may still be at risk of suicide.

The Commission will also investigate all aspects of the Australian Defense Force and the experience of ADF members transitioning from active duty. This includes the impact of availability and quality of health and support services on veterans, the impact of social and family issues, and housing and employment.

A spokesman for the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) told the Epoch Times that the Royal Commission would provide veterans and their families with the opportunity to talk and heal their families.

A spokeswoman also noted that DVA will continue to provide all support and services, noting veterans and their families who are currently struggling and need assistance in contacting DVA to access support. Prompted.

“The government is providing more than $ 230 million annually to support the mental health of veterans, which is part of the annual $ 11 billion spending on service and support for veterans and their families. I will.

DVA is a free inclusion for those who provide full-time service at ADF for one day, bookers using disaster relief and border security services, or those injured in service-related training accidents. Provides access to traditional mental health care services. All clinicians and counselors are specially equipped to understand the unique nature of military service.

In Australia, if you are a veteran or serving member of the Australian Defense Force, you can contact OpenArms at 1800 0011 046 or Lifeline at 13 1114. You can also access the lifeline website ( .au.

Australian youth can call the 1800 551 800 or visit to reach the Kids Helpline. Additional organizations include beyondblue 1300 22 4636, and 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732).

If you are a US Veteran or Serving Member, you can contact the 1800 2738255 Veterans Crisis Line or call 911. You can call the 18002738255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Young people can call the 1800 Kids Help Phone. 6686868.