Rudolf Giuliani was “incredibly drunk” on election night, so Trump’s aides worried he might destroy the precious White House china, Michael Wolff said.


Rudolph Giuliani tells reporters

According to Michael Wolff’s new book, President Donald Trump’s lawyer and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has always been “noisy.” Chip Somode Villa / Getty Images

  • According to biographer Michael Wolff, Rudy Giuliani was “incredibly drunk” on election night.

  • Wolff said Trump’s aide was worried that the former Mayor of New York might destroy the precious White House china.

  • Giuliani was “always noisy,” and Trump was concerned about his drinking, Wolff claims in his new book.

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Rudolph Giuliani was drunk on election night, and former President Donald Trump’s aides were worried that he might accidentally destroy the precious White House china, said President’s biographer Michael Wolff. Said MSNBC.

Wolff explained on the night of November 3, 2020 that the former Mayor of New York was having a hard time maintaining balance while trying to convince others that Trump had won the reelection.

At some point, he was dragged into the White House’s China Room by several aides to the former president. The raw story was reported.. “And at that moment, Rudy was incredibly drunk and weaved this way and that way,” Wolff told MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell on Friday afternoon.

“And China, the setting of those places from all the presidents is invaluable, and Trump’s aides clearly or, of course, worried that Giuliani was telling the president about the elections and told him. I gave this false information, “Wolf continued. “But they were also worried that he was trying to break the pottery.”

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Later, Wolff elaborated that Giuliani was “really drunk.”

According to Wolff’s new book, “Landslide: Last day of President Trump, “Trump’s aide thought Giuliani was” always noisy “or” desperately in a muttering tank. “

Trump once said that in the days following the November 2020 elections, Giuliani said he drank too much and was often not true. Insider Sonam Chess report.

Wolff’s new book makes claims for other bombs. Wolff also wrote that Trump’s close associates believed that the former president was “away from his locker.”

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