Rudolph Giuliani says “genius” Trump threatened to blow up Putin’s “gold bubbles”

Rudy Giuliani Former president said Donald Trump Made an extraordinary threat to the Russian president Vladimir Putin He is in office.

Giuliani told Newsmax over the weekend that Trump allowed Ukraine to share details of the meeting with Putin in the conversation.

Trump says, “Vladimir, Ukraine shouldn’t be attacked. I didn’t like those big ones, what you got in Moscow, what are those big bubbles? Big gold bubbles, I didn’t like those things, so I would have to blow them up, “Giuliani said.

He probably mentioned Annunciation CathedralLocated in the Kremlin, there is a dome of gold onions.

“So Putin says,’They are churches,'” Giuliani said. Trump said, “Oh, Vladimir, don’t tell me about the church, hey. Church? You can fool Bush, you can’t fool me. You can’t fool me. Do you care? “

Giuliani also praised Putin for Trump.Smart.. “

“That’s why he’s a genius,” Giuliani said. “Of course, he says he’s smart.’Hey Vladimir, you’re really, really smart.'”

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This article was originally HuffPost It has been updated.