Rudolph Giuliani was still skeptical that Mike Pence had the power to overturn the election, even on the day of the Capitol riots, says a former Trump lawyer.


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In a clip played by panel members on January 6, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani claims that then Vice President Mike Pence can “determine the validity” of the 2020 election vote. You can hear.Tom Williams / CQ-RollCall Inc. via Getty Images.

  • Eric Hirschman said Mike Pence had spoken to Rudolph Giuliani about the possibility of overturning the vote.

  • He said it was an “intellectual debate” about the role of the Vice President on January 6.

  • He said Giuliani told him “probably right” that there would be a problem with Pence.

Former Trump White House lawyer Eric Hirschman still discusses on Thursday whether then Vice President Mike Pence has the power to overturn the vote in the 2020 elections, even on the morning of the Capitol riot. I made it clear that I was doing it.

Hellschmann’s testimony Broadcast on Thursday One-third of the six organized hearings By a January 6 committee investigating the parliamentary riots.Thursday’s session Pressure exerted by the Trump camp to overturn the vote on Pence.

Hirschman said he received a “sudden” call from Giuliani on the morning of January 6, 2021 about Pence’s role for the day.

“And you know, he was asking me my views and analysis, and the practical meaning of it,” Hirschman said. “And when we were done, he said,” I know you, you probably believe you are right. “

House Panel member Pete Aguila said this shows how Giuliani knew the problem by promoting the theory that Pence was able to overturn the vote.

“Of course, the fact that Mayor Giuliani seemed to admit that the theory was wrong stopped him from going to the crowd on January 6th, just a few hours later, and saying the exact opposite. “It wasn’t,” said Aguilar, a lawyer who referred to the Trump Alliance and was a former mayor of New York City.

He then played Giuliani’s speech clip In a trump rally in an ellipse prior to the parliamentary riots. In the clip, Giuliani claims that Pence “can determine the validity of these bent ballots or send them back to Congress and give them 5-10 days to finally complete the work.” I heard that it is.

Giuliani Continued false allegations of fraudulent voting In the 2020 election.He is also facing $ 1.3 billion defamation proceedings Against him, fellow Trump ally Sidney Powell, and MyPillow CEO Michael Lindell According to the Dominion voting system.

Giuliani too Suspended legal affairs in New York When Hit with ethical responsibility by DC bar About his unfounded election allegations in June 2021.

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