Rudy Giuliani claimed that the attack on him by a grocery store employee felt like a gunshot. CCTV footage shows that he was slapped on his back.

Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani claims that a ShopRite employee may have fallen and broke his skull and died after hitting his back.Jacklin Martin / AP

  • Giuliani said a grocery store employee felt “shot” after slapping his back.

  • Giuliani said he could have “hit the ground” and cracked his skull if he wasn’t feeling well.

  • However, the footage of the incident showed a man hitting Giuliani on his back before walking.

A video of what former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani called an attack that could result in him falling and breaking his skull and dying appeared.

Giuliani was at the Shoplight grocery store on Staten Island. Claimed to have been attacked by a man.. Giuliani was campaigning for his son Andrew, who is running for Republican candidate in the New York Governor’s election.

Giuliani later Former New York City Mayor candidate Curtis Sliwa To talk about the incident. The former mayor said he had just left the men’s room of the store when the assault occurred and was involved in a group of people “hugging and kissing.”

“I feel a shot on my back as if someone shot me. I moved forward, but fortunately I didn’t fall,” Giuliani said.

“The man says something I can’t repeat. You’ll Effin anything. And he keeps screaming. And he goes away and screams.” You’re going to kill the woman. ” It’s like. Giuliani added that the man was an employee of ShopRite, who looked “drunk or expensive.”

“That is, let’s say I was a weak 78-year-old who hit the ground and broke his skull and died,” said the former mayor.

Giuliani New York Times About the case.

“My back hurts, but otherwise I can walk and do such things,” he told the Times, adding that there was a “red mark” on his back after the incident.

“We are not threatened by a left-wing attack,” said Giuliani’s son, Andrew Giuliani. Told NBC After the incident. “As Governor, I will confront law and order and reassure New Yorkers.”

Video of the attack released by the New York Post After Giuliani hit the back, it didn’t look like he was jumping forward or falling. The video also seemed to show Giuliani standing upright and pointing his finger at the man who faced him.

Times The man involved in the incident with Giuliani reported that he was a worker at the grocery store in Charleston Shopright, where Giuliani was visiting.

The New York Police Department told The Times that a 39-year-old employee had slapped Giuliani, saying, “What’s wrong, a scum bag,” adding that investigation into the problem is underway.

Axios An unnamed man reportedly faced a second assault charge in the case.

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