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Bill Gates thought Jeffrey Epstein was a Nobel Prize ticket, former staff said

Photo Illustration / Photo by The Daily Beast GettyBillGates opens a courtroom at Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan Mansion, seeks refuge from his marriage, and with a circle of famous sex offender dinner guests on philanthropy and other mundane topics. talked. Seeking another perk through a network with Epstein: Gates wanted a connected metamorphosis to help him win the Nobel Peace Prize, one of the former employees of the Gates Foundation said The Daily Beast. Told to. His relationship with Epstein was said to be “a plot to make himself a Nobel Peace Prize.” They said tech tycoons had called in some employees on award days in the last few years in case he won the award. “The former employee said. “Even at that time, people knew that this guy wasn’t as clean as squeaky,” he said, referring to Epstein. [Gates] Jeffrey could help him, he thought he would know the right people, or some way to massage things, so he was able to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Epstein was known for raising elite contact Lorodex around the world, including billionaires, royalty, celebrities, politicians, and prominent scientists. Includes Nobel laureates Frank Wilczek, Gerald Edelman and Murray Gell-Mann. Money managers have also set up various “non-profit organizations” over the years to guide millions of people to their friends’ projects and fund research at institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. did. Despite extensive reports of abuse of underage girls and young women, researchers continued to take Epstein’s money. Former staff claims that Gates considered Epstein a ticket to a prestigious award add fuel to last year’s Norwegian newspaper report highlighting the 2013 meeting with Gates. Epstein and Torbjornja Grand, then chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Commission. However, a Bill Gates spokesperson denied that a millionaire philanthropist had sought Epstein’s help to win the award. It’s a mistake to say that Bill Gates was “obsessed” with honor, set it as a goal, or campaigned in some way, “a spokesperson told The Daily Beast. “If Epstein had a plan or motivation to insert himself into a process related to awards and honors on behalf of Gates, neither Gates nor the people working with him were aware of his intentions, so they Would have refused to offer help. “Geffrey Epstein advised Bill Gates on how to end a” toxic “marriage, sources say, since the announcement of the divorce this month, Gates has Epstein underage. I had to register as a sex criminal facing the rage of scrutiny about my relationship with Epstein, whom I met dozens of times after going to jail to solicit. The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal released a report over the weekend about the history of Gates beating employees and their out-of-marriage relationship with Microsoft engineers. Foundation employees told The Daily Beast. Regarding Melinda’s attitude toward unfaithfulness, employees added: According to People, Bill & Melinda Gates will continue to co-chair the Foundation, despite splitting $ 130 billion in marriage assets for a common ambition for the Nobel Prize. .. One source told the magazine: “They were really interested in trying to win the Nobel Prize, so one of the things that was part of this was to end it if it got worse. Melinda Gates Bill Gates, who warned Bill about Jeffrey Epstein, could have had an award in his head in March 2013 when he and Epstein visited Jagland’s house in Strasbourg, France. Rendezvous was revealed in a report in October 2020 by Dagens Næringsliv, Norway’s largest business newspaper. At the time of the meeting, Jagland was the chairman of the Peace Awards Commission and Gates. Was a potential candidate for honor. The conference also included members of the International Peace Institute (IPI), a former Norwegian-run think tank. Diplomat Terje Rød-Larsen of Epstein A secret philanthropic group spared $ 375,000 in 2017 (Rød-Larsen went to New York last October after it was revealed that his group had received a $ 650,000 donation from Epstein. Resigned from the IPI base. According to DN, Jagland said Gates and Epstein arrived together at the Strasbourg conference, and Epstein introduced Gates to the IPI for the “Polio Eradication Project.” Rød- Larsen did not attend the meeting, but is a longtime friend of Jagland. Rød-Larsen promotes IPI support while working on image restoration following a 2008 conviction at Palm Beach. He also had a long-standing relationship with Epstein, who published the press release, Florida. (As Daily Beast reported on Sunday, Gates is said to have encouraged Epstein to renew his reputation in the media. In an email to DN, Jagland asked Gates to meet him while he was in France, and their discussion was not Nobel, but a study of counterfeit vaccines by the European Council around human rights groups. Nobel laureates. Asked if he thinks his relationship with him is a conflict, Epstein told the newspaper: “Bill Gates was not nominated for the Nobel Prize in Peace in 2013.” Shortly after the Strasbourg rally, Gates Foundation IPI Awarded millions of dollars. Dollars; IPI received $ 2.5 million in October 2013, $ 5.5 million in March 2014, and $ 256,968 in June 2019 and July 2020, according to records on the Foundation website. In September 2013, Bill and Melinda Gates spoke at the IPI’s 8th Annual Ministerial Conference. Supper in the Middle East. The event article shows that the couple were “special guests” who “discussed the Foundation’s ongoing efforts to eradicate polio and quoted the relationship between health and safety.” When asked about the meeting between Gates and the Nobel Committee chairman, Billionaire turned the Daily Beast into a 2019 statement. “Bill Gates proposed to meet Epstein because he claimed that he could bring billions of dollars into philanthropy based on his position as an agent and advisor. Gates suggested philanthropy. I met Epstein and others many times about philanthropy and his Foundation activities, considering the potential to drive a significant increase in donations. Epstein actively pursued Gates, but Gates did. He had no business partnership or personal friendship with Epstein. Gates never had a relationship with Epstein or attended a party. “Epstein was behind the scenes without his knowledge. While working to insert himself in, it was revealed that he misrepresented the nature of the meeting with Mr. Gates. Bill Gates regrets having met Epstein so far. “I admit that doing so was a misjudgment.” Melinda Gates called a divorce lawyer in 2019 after Epstein’s report: WSJ Strathbourg Conference was Gates’ only overseas visit with Epstein. It may not have been. According to the former deacon of the financier, the French news agency Franceinfo reported at least once on the list of famous visitors to Epstein’s Paris apartments, including Bill and Melinda. A spokesperson for Melinda Gates told The Daily Beast that Melinda had never been to Epstein’s house in Paris. In the spring of 2013, Epstein and his friend Lawrence Klaus seemed to advertise Gates in a future panel at Arizona State University in 2014. A theoretical physicist who led ASU’s Origins project and left college on allegations of sexual misconduct dropped Gates’ name in an email to potential panelists for the event, but was later canceled. (Epstein donated $ 250,000 to the Origins project, and his buddy Billionaire’s hedge fan Leon Black donated $ 2 million, according to BuzzFeed.) Klaus in an email received by Daily Mail. Showed that Epstein is organizing a panel on “Origins”. “Of Money” and its “Currently he carries Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Larry Summers.” Branson denied through a spokesperson that he had nothing to do with the event, but Summers wrote. It seems he didn’t comment on. Klaus, arrived by The Daily Beast, just said the panel never happened. “I can’t comment because I don’t know Gates or these people,” he said. — Read more on The Daily Beast with additional reports from William Breederman. Put your top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! 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