Russell Wilson surprises Ciara with a romantic dinner for her 36th birthday

Russell Wilson Beyond himself again for his wife Siara’s birthday.

On Monday, October 25, when Ciara turned 36, Wilson took her to a nice supper to commemorate her birth day. 3 minutes video Start by taking the couple in the elevator up so you can overlook the city of Seattle. As soon as they get to the floor, the door opens and Ciara shouts “Wow”.

Russell Wilson and Ciara (Photo: @ ciara / Instagram)

Russell Wilson and Ciara (Photo: @ ciara / Instagram)

The video shows Wilson’s intimate setting while she roams and says everything looks “pretty.” Everything on the floor was adorned with a bunch of candles and some bouquets of red and white roses, in addition to the traces of rose petals on the floor.

Eventually, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback begins a record of Ciara roaming the rest of the building, down the stairs, and seeing another room filled with red, white, and black balloons. When she looks at the room, radiant Ciara says: “What a hell,” she turns to her husband and says, “This is amazing.”

Then she sits down, says Wilson, who can’t see but hear now. A little dinner and a little movie time on Seattle. Knowing that you love “The Crown”, look at “The Crown”, eat some desserts, and later eat more desserts. I love you. “

In the caption, Ciara continues to thank her husband for “loving me in your way.” She writes: “I wasn’t growing very much, but I can say I had a lot of love. With that feeling, I felt like I could conquer the world. That’s the way you feel me. Like a little girl again. I love you so much! #BirthDayGirl # Forever21 #SpaceNeedleForTwo. “

In Wilson’s post, he uploaded eight photos of Ciara. Some uploaded with her friends, some with him and his children, and some with himself. He then continued his romantic gesture by explaining in the caption why she was “perfect in every way.”

One fan who responded to the video said the couple would make “Baby Number 4 tonight”.They currently have 3 blends ChildrenIncludes daughter and son together. Ciara also has the eldest son of rapper Future.

In more social media comments, someone else wrote, “He keeps a lasting smile on her face !!!”. Another fan said, “Russell needs to start a class and teach men how to love a woman’s happy birthday queen.”

Ciara and Russell celebrated their 5th anniversary marriage Earlier this year, their relationship became a model for those who want to have a healthy relationship.

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