Russia accused the Security Service of Ukraine and planned to shoot down passenger jets


Valentyna Romanenko-Sunday, May 1, 2010 12:09 Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) claims to have shot down a passenger plane and arrested a Russian sabotage and reconnaissance group preparing to blame Ukrainian troops and international organizations. A partner who supplies weapons to Ukraine. Source: SBU Spokesperson Artem Dekhtyarenko Quote: “SBU has completed a multi-stage operation, in the process neutralizing the enemy’s deep-seated sabotage and reconnaissance groups. RF Army staff agents were preparing for terrorist acts. -They were planning to shoot down a passenger plane on the territory of Russia or Belarus. “The occupants intended to unfairly blame Ukraine and our partners. To commit the provocation. The attacker wanted to fire on a civilian board from the portable anti-aircraft missile system (MANPADS) “Stinger”. “Representatives of special services in invading countries to steal and smuggle foreign MANPADS abroad [relevant] Details: According to the SBU, the sabotage and reconnaissance group included two individuals with dual citizenship and a locally hired accomplice. RF Army Staff, also known as “Morpev,” says Dekhtyarenko. According to the SBU, Tuterev is sought in Ukraine for his role in a series of terrorist organizations in the Odesa region. Under his coordination, enemy agents attempted to contact Ukrainian troops in the guise of patriotic volunteers, but to gain credibility, they provided true information on the location and operation of Kadirevi’s troops. I told the Ukrainian side. Agents illegally transferred foreign-made MADPAD to the Russian side using these contacts, and the issance group reported that the SBU had arrested all members of the sabotage and reconnaissance involved. Investigation is ongoing.