Russia achieves its objectives in Ukraine

Russian Security Council Vice-President Dmitry Medvedev speaks at a ceremony marking Shipbuilders’ Day in Saint Petersburg, Russia on 29 June 2022. (Sputnik/Valentin Yegorshin/Pool via Reuters)

LONDON—Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Monday that Russia will achieve its goals in the Ukraine conflict on its own terms, warning that the West has long-term plans to destroy it.

“Russia is conducting a special military operation in Ukraine and is trying to achieve peace on our terms,” ​​Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, told TASS in an interview.

Medvedev described the 2008 Georgia War, the expansion of the NATO military alliance to the West, and the Ukraine War as part of an attempt by the United States and its allies to destroy Russia.

“The goal is the same: destroy Russia,” he was quoted as saying.