Russia and China team up to market insane US COVID lab theory

PAVEL GOLOVKIN / POOL / AFP via Getty Images

PAVEL GOLOVKIN / POOL / AFP via Getty Images

The Cold War could come back with revenge, and the top US enemies are crushing some old school Soviet tactics.

Russian and Chinese government officials have recently publicly accused the United States of creating biological weapons near the border and worked together to suggest that Americans are responsible for creating COVID-19.

Talking to the Russian daily Kommersant on Thursday, Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of the Russian Security Council, said: Said: “It is advisable to pay attention to the fact that biological laboratories under US control are growing exponentially around the world, and by strange coincidence, mainly on the border between Russia and China. I’m nearby. “

Patrushev, who was the director of the Federal Security Service (FSB), the successor to the Soviet KGB, said “outbreaks of illnesses characteristic of these areas” have been recorded in areas adjacent to these alleged biolabs. Added. He then publicly accused the United States of developing biological weapons at these facilities.

Like a clockwork, Russian national media echo And Spread Patrushev’s accusation against the United States But this time, Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, issued an official statement. Tweet: “U.S. bio-military operations are not transparent, safe, or justified. In Ukraine alone, the United States has set up 16 biolabs. Why does the United States need so many laboratories around the world? What are the activities in these labs, including the Fort Detrick lab? “

Russian national media preparing for war “against the West”

Zhao voiced In the same accusation at an official press conference, he identified Russia as his source of information on the matter. “I recently noticed that Russia asked the United States again about its military and biological activities in Fort Detrick and Ukraine,” Zhao said. “Other countries have expressed similar concerns.”

Unfounded claims against the United States and Ukraine have recently come at a particularly convenient time for Putin. Intensified The Kremlin’s efforts to absorb the Donbas region.In February of this year, the Russian president ominously promised It “[The Kremlin] Never turn [its] Go back to Donbas no matter what

Kremlin-funded RT and Sputnik editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan doubled and repeated promoting Russia’s acquisition of East Ukraine. Prompt For “Mother Russia” to “take Donbas home”. By presenting Ukraine as a national security threat to Russia and claiming its involvement in the production of deadly biological weapons, the Kremlin further takes an increasingly aggressive stance against its highly coveted neighbors. Can be justified.

As Trump called COVID-19 the “Chinese virus” and helped the outbreak of violence against Asian Americans by spreading unfounded claims that the virus was made at the Wuhan Institute of Veterans Affairs, U.S. opponents , America on a global scale. Especially if both Russia and China are in a position to benefit from locating the pandemic responsibilities in the United States, and Ukraine may also be theoretically involved.

This is not the first time Russia claims that the United States has caused and spread deadly illnesses around the world. In 1992, Russia perpetuated the KGB’s disinformation campaign, falsely claiming that the virus that caused AIDS was the product of a biological weapons experiment conducted by the United States. During the 2014-2016 Ebola epidemic in West Africa, Russian propaganda agencies spread the conspiracy theory that the virus had. Created by the United States in collaboration with the United Kingdom and South Africa.

These disinformation tactics have another common denominator. In addition to accusing the United States of engaging in global biological weapons, the Kremlin also positions itself as a lone savior.

“”[Russia] It saved Africa from Ebola, “said Olga Scaviva of Russian state television. 60 minutes Proudly Declaration last month. Russian state media has named “Sputnik V” the world’s best coronavirus, despite continued nasty information about Russian-made vaccines while trying to undermine the credibility of the Western-made COVID-19 vaccine. Frequently admired as a vaccine. Appear..

To overcome the suspension of disbelief and promote the idea that the United States could commit the worst kind of abuse of humanity, Russian propaganda now resorts to too familiar dehumanization tactics. I am.

“”[Americans] RT Margherita Simonyan recently declared on Russian television. “We are soulful. They are not like us.”

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