Russia attacks the airport with eight cruise missiles: Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba alleged on Sunday that Russian troops attacked Vinnytsia Airport with eight cruise missiles.

“To our city, to our peaceful Vinnytsia, who never threatened Russia,” Zelensky said in a Twitter video. “A brutal and cynical missile strike completely destroyed the airport.”

The airport was destroyed by the attack, Zelensky said. according to For translation.

“Eight Russian cruise missiles attacked the big city of Vinizia, far from the front line,” Kreva said on Twitter. Russian President Vladimir Putin said, “We continue to attack timid and barbaric missiles and bomb civilians. Help us close the sky and save lives! Provide air defense, missile defense and fighter aircraft. Please! Stop Russian terrorism! “He added.

Unidentified video footage upload Online by the Ukrainian Parliament and other accounts, black smoke appeared to be rising near the airport. Kreva then posted a clip that appeared to show a cruise missile heading towards the airport. The Epoch Times could not verify the credibility of the footage or the credibility of Zelenxie and Kreva’s claims.

Sergei Borzov, head of the Vinnytsia junta, first report Social media strikes.

Russian Embassy in Israel Was contested Vinnytsia Airport is reported to have been used for private purposes only. The airport is “dual purpose” and is functioning as an operational base for the Ukrainian army.

According to a tweet from the Russian embassy, ​​the airport is also “the place where the 456th independent mixed air brigade of the Ukrainian army is based”. We have posted a satellite map that allegedly shows An-26 aircraft “including camouflage and Mi-8 helicopters.”

In the latest case, Zelensky and the Ukrainian Parliament Called again For NATO and the United States to enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

Last week, NATO chiefs and White House executives repeatedly argued that there would be no no-fly zones, and such moves could escalate conflicts and lead to a wider European war, or even World War III. Said that it was high.

Putin told Turkey’s President Legep Taip Erdogan on Sunday that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could be stopped “only if Kyiv stopped hostilities and met Russia’s well-known demands,” according to state media. Told.

“During the next round of negotiations planned, the Ukrainian representative expressed hope that he would take a more constructive approach, fully taking into account the new reality,” his statement said. rice field.

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Jack Phillips is the latest news reporter for The Epoch Times, based in New York.