Russia cooperates with Iran, North Korea in new arms deal: White House

Russia is working with Iran and North Korea to build up its military power and attempt to conquer Ukraine.

Since last year, Iran’s theocratic regime has supplied Russia with suicide drones and munitions for tanks and artillery, said John Kirby, the White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator.

“Partly because of all these extensive sanctions and export controls we imposed… Russia has had to rely on pariah states like North Korea and Iran to keep this war going. Kirby said in a Feb. 24 phone call. Reporter.

“Iranian support for Russia’s war is growing.”

Kirby said the two authoritarian powers are now looking to exchange more high-tech capabilities, in addition to the drones and munitions previously sent to Russia.

Kirby said Iran is willing to provide Russia with more drones, artillery and new missiles in exchange for advanced electronics, air defense systems, attack helicopters and fighter jets.

“Iran is asking Russia for billions of dollars in military equipment,” Kirby added.

Hours after the White House announced $2.8 billion worth of sanctions and export controls, Russia’s growing ties with authoritarian forces around the world became apparent.

According to one person, the move white house fact sheetis intended to sabotage Russia’s ability to conquer Ukraine and targets Russian, Iranian and Chinese entities.

In this regard, the United States warned earlier in the week that China’s Communist regime was considering providing lethal aid to the Russian military, but Kirby said that U.S. intelligence did not He said he had found no evidence that the assistance had yet been provided.

“There are indications that China may be considering offering lethal capabilities to Russia, but we don’t see any movement in that direction,” Kirby said.

“We have been open about the potential consequences, both privately and publicly … China should not want to be specifically involved in that way.”

But despite the Biden administration’s allegations that China provided no such aid, recent reports suggest the administration hid military supplies to Russia and disguised them as civilian components. suggests.

of reportThe article, published by Der Spiegel on February 23, claims that China has disguised military aviation equipment sent to Russia as civilian and, using UAE intermediaries, has dual-use equipment sent to Russia for use in Ukraine. It claims to have shipped the drone illegally.

When asked if the White House thought Putin had to be ousted from power to end the war in Ukraine, Kirby said the U.S. was trying to help Ukraine maintain self-defense. I emphasized that I was just there.

“This is not about regime change,” Kirby said. “We are doing this to help Ukraine maintain its independence and sovereignty and try to regain its territory.”

“President Zelensky will decide the victory. Frankly, we believe Putin has already lost.”