Russia could confiscate U.S. citizens’ assets under threat of sanctions escalation

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev made a sharp hawkish tone on Saturday in response to Western sanctions against Ukraine’s invasion, and Moscow was not just frozen, but Americans, Europeans, and others. He suggested that the assets of “people in unfriendly jurisdictions” could be confiscated. “

Medvedev, President of Russia and now Vice-Chairman of the Security Council, said: Post to social mediaWestern sanctions and asset freezes on Russia and its leaders call for action.

However, he said Western sanctions and asset freezes must be answered “quite symmetrically”, but his remarks suggest that Russian authorities may be considering escalation. ing. Medvedev called for asset freezes and “maybe” complete confiscation of Russian personal property registered in what he described as “unfriendly jurisdictions” by the Russian state.

Medvedev has clearly pointed to the United States, the European Union member states, and “many singing nations in the Anglo-Saxon world.”

Russian state-owned tas News agency Medvedev’s remarks have been framed as an explicit warning that Russia may nationalize the assets of US and EU citizens in response to sanctions.

Asset freezes under international sanctions regimens are a means of preventing the use, transfer, or transfer of these assets, but they do not prevent their confiscation or transfer of ownership. Medvedev’s remarks suggest that Moscow is considering the complete confiscation of the target assets by the Russian state or nationalization.

Spurring action by Russia’s massive invasion of Ukraine, Western leaders have imposed strict sanctions this week, including targeting Russian banks and limiting the country’s ability to raise capital in the international market. I promoted it.

While there continues to be debate about further punishing Russia for Russia’s attack on Ukraine by excluding Russia from SWIFT’s global interbank payment system, many countries and jurisdictions, including the United States, are Russia. Imposing asset freezes on President Vladimirputin and members of the Russian Security Council. ..

Medvedev said in a statement that sanctions would provide the Kremlin with an opportunity to completely reassess its relations with the West, suggesting that Russia could opt out of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty to limit US and Russia’s nuclear weapons. rice field.

Medvedev also argued that “there is no special need to maintain diplomatic relations,” suggesting a return to Cold War standoffs and raising the prospect of breaking diplomatic relations with Western nations.

“We may see each other with binoculars and gunsite,” he warned.

Tom Ojimek


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