Russia criminalizes “disinformation” about the military by cracking down on “disinformation”

According to State Department spokesman Edward Price, Russia will crack down on “unofficial” reports and “disinformation” about the invasion of Ukraine.

On Friday, the Kremlin-controlled parliament of the country will meet at a special session to consider legalizing a bill that would make “informal” reports of intrusions a crime punishable by imprisonment of up to 15 years, Price said. Said on the 2nd of March statement..

“Russia is waging a provocative war against Ukraine. At home, the Kremlin is engaged in a full-scale attack on media freedom and truth, misleading and suppressing the truth of the brutal aggression in Moscow. Efforts are intensifying, “Price said. “Russians did not choose this war. Putin did.”

“They have the right to know about the death, suffering and destruction that the government imposes on the Ukrainians. The Russians also have the right to know about the human costs of this meaningless war against their own soldiers. I’m waiting.”

Moscow argued that the law was designed to combat disinformation about Russia’s war in Ukraine.

The bill also aims to deliberately punish those who “distort other units during Russian military purposes, roles, missions, and special military activities and other operations.” Committee, In an interview On state broadcaster channel 1.

Penalties could also apply to those who share “fake” information about Russia’s war losses, most of the fake material was “produced in Ukraine,” but only online, Mr. Piskarev said. “We are happy to distribute it by many Russian media,” he added. Via social media.

“That’s one thing [disinformation] In peacetime and when our troops are performing an important task of maintaining peace and security, even if it happens abroad. Such fakes demoralize society, undermine confidence in the Russian army, and most importantly, hurt relatives and friends of fighters, “Piskarev said.

Under a draft bill being considered by Russian authorities on Friday, reporters also fined 5 million rubles, about $ 44,740, if authorities released what they considered false information about Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. Take the risk. The journal reported.

The drafting of the bill was proposed by the Russian Security and Anti-Corruption Commission and was immediately approved by Secretary of State Vyacheslav Volodin on Monday.

“The Washington-dominated American social network has launched an information war against Russia,” Volodin said in a statement Thursday, hoping that the amendment would be passed quickly.

“They violate their own rules, norms of international law, and limit freedom of speech. [and] Disseminate false information. ” “We have to react to what is happening.”

Russian news coverage has been closely monitored by President Vladimirputin’s government, and Moscow has swiftly closed and blocked media coverage outside the story directed by the Kremlin.

National media regulator Roskomnadzor has said Ekho Moskvy, Dozhd, since the invasion began. Current time websiteVoice of America and Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty co-production.

On Wednesday, Roskomnadzor allegedly threatened to block the Voice of America (VOA) Russian website in the country unless it removed coverage of the situation in Ukraine.

Catabella Roberts


Katabella Roberts is a reporter currently based in Turkey. She focuses primarily on the United States and covers the news and business of The Epoch Times.