Russia demands protection against sanctions if Iran’s nuclear deal is restored

Russian officials said they wanted a written guarantee that sanctions related to Ukraine’s aggression would not affect trade with Iran if the nuclear deal was restored. The Wall Street Journal Report..

News promotion: The United States and Iran are approaching an agreement to regain the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement. This lifts “most international sanctions on Iran in exchange for strict but temporary restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program.”

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Line spacing: While Russia’s specific role in the 2015 nuclear deal needs to be protected, Foreign Minister Sergeĭ Viklov demands more guarantees that could make a loophole in recent sanctions imposed on Russia. , The journal writes.

What they are saying: “We need to ensure that these sanctions never affect the trade economy and investment-related regimes set out in the nuclear deal,” Viklov told reporters on Saturday.

  • “We sought a written guarantee … The current process initiated by the United States would never undermine our right to free and complete trade, economic and investment cooperation, and military technical cooperation with Islamic State. No, “Labrov added.


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