Russia drops a phosphorus bomb on Jashima (Jajima) following its “good faith gesture”


ALONA MAZURENKO – Friday, July 1, 2022, 21:06

Valerii Zaluzhnyi, commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Army, said the Russian occupying forces bombed Zmiinyi (Snake) Island on July 1 and dropped a phosphorus bomb on the island.

sauce: Zaluzhnyi on Facebook

Quote: “The command of the armed forces of the Russian Federation does not even keep its own declaration of” good intentions “.Around 18:00 today [on 1 July 2022 – ed.]Russian Aerospace Forces’ two Su-30s carried out two airstrikes on Bilbek Airfield’s Snake Island using phosphorus bombs, previously “completed” their mission. I insisted that I did.

Anyone talking about making any agreement with Russia should be aware of these facts.

The only thing the enemy is really consistent with is the “accuracy” of the attack. “

Just a while ago:

  • Russian Occupation Army on Thursday, June 30 ran away Zmiinyi Island after Ukrainian troops launched multiple attacks. Some of them were Ukrainian Bohdana howitzers.

  • Russian authorities Claim The Russian army is said to have “completed its mission on Jijima” and withdrew the garrison troops stationed there “as a gesture of good intentions.”