Russia expands friendship and cooperation treaty: Kremlin

Russia of Vladimir Putin president (left) and Chinese leaders Xi Jinping (right), will attend the ceremony of Tsinghua University was held in a friendly palace in Beijing, China on April 26, 2019. (Kenzaburo Fukuhara / Pool / Getty Images)

Moscow – Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Monday, announced the extension of the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation of 20 years ago between the two countries that has been allowed to tension the relationship with the West.

Putin said the 2001 Sino-Russian Friendship Treaty would be automatically extended for another five years after it expired in February 2022.

Russia’s relations with the United States and other Western nations after the Cold War prolong the issue of everything from the annexation of Moscow’s Crimean Peninsula to allegations of Russia’s intervention in US elections.

Putin held a summit meeting with US Prime Minister Joe Biden earlier this month and decided to cooperate in several areas despite the tense relationship.

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