Russia expels two German diplomats at the Quid Pro Quo Move

Participants in the process are depicted in court. In court, on December 15, 2021, a trial was held against Russian defendant Vadim Krasikov, who shot down 40-year-old Georgian citizen Zelimkhan “Tornike” Kavtarashvili in Berlin. (ChristopheGateau / Pool / AFP (via Getty Images)

Moscow — Russia leaves two German diplomats on Monday in response to the expulsion of two Russian envoys after a German court ruling accusing Moscow of murdering the Chechens in Berlin two years ago. I ordered.

Moscow angryly rejected the decision of the Berlin court, and the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned a German ambassador on Monday about the expulsion of a diplomat who said it was “a symmetrical response to the unfriendly decision by the German government.” Informed.

The ministry warned that Russia would continue to respond in kind to the “potential confrontational movement by Berlin.”

On Wednesday, a judge in the district court in Berlin convicted 56-year-old Vadim Krasikov, who killed Zelimkhan “Tornike” Khangoshvili, a 40-year-old Chechen citizen of the Chechen people. They determined that Klasikov acted on the order of the Russian Federation authorities. Russian federal officials provided him with fake identities, fake passports, and resources to carry out the killings.

On August 23, 2019, bright red sunlight near Berlin’s Kleiner Tiergarten Park exploded anger in Berlin, causing the German government to expel two other Russian diplomats at the time. rice field.

Following a court decision, Germany expelled two more Russian diplomats, and Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock called the state-ordered killings “a serious violation of German law and the sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Germany.” ..

The German Foreign Ministry has accused Russia of moving as “completely unfounded” and said the expulsion of Russian diplomats last week was a “proper reaction” to the court’s ruling.

“The German government strives to interact with the Russian Federation on the basis of international law and mutual respect,” he added, adding that the Russian move “will put an additional burden on this relationship.”

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