Russia filed proceedings against WhatsApp for violating personal data law

Moscow-Russia has begun administrative proceedings on Facebook WhatsApp on Friday for failing to localize data on Russian users on Russian territory, Interfax reported.

There were no immediate comments from Facebook.

The day before, a Russian court fined Alphabet Inc.’s Google 3 million rubles ($ 41,000), violated the law on personal data, and registered administrative proceedings against Facebook and Twitter for the same violation. ..

The case is part of a broader dispute between Russia and Big Tech, where Moscow failed to remove banned content and tried to force foreign tech companies to open an office in Russia. For doing so, he regularly punishes social media giants.

Interfax reported that WhatsApp could be fined between $ 1 million and $ 6 million ($ 13,700 to $ 82,250), citing court documents. The court date has not yet been set.