Russia has announced the end of military exercises in Crimea and said it is withdrawing troops from the area.

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A convoy of Russian armored vehicles entered Crimea on January 18.Associated Press

  • Russia has announced that it will withdraw its troops from Crimea on the southern border of Ukraine.

  • Ukraine still shares the eastern border with Russia, with the north bordering Moscow’s ally Belarus.

  • The Russian Ministry of Defense did not pinpoint exactly how many troops were withdrawing.

Russia said Wednesday that it would end military exercises in Crimea and an unspecified number of troops would return to the base.

“Units in the Southern Military District that have completed participation in tactical exercises at the training grounds in the Crimea are marching by rail to a permanent deployment point,” he said. Statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense..

We have released an image of an armored vehicle crossing the Crimean Bridge at night. Russian state news agency Ria Novosti has also released a video of about 12 armored vehicles, including tanks, moving across the bridge.

The announcement was made the day after Russia declared that some troops would be withdrawn from the Ukrainian border, and the day after the West continued to warn of the possibility of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The Kremlin has denied plans to attack, but has gathered more than 100,000 Russian troops on the Ukrainian border since November.

The Crimean Peninsula, which Russia invaded and annexed in 2014, is a peninsula in southern Ukraine. National concerns also extend to the eastern and northern borders, which they share with Russia and Moscow’s ally Belarus, respectively.

Russia said on Tuesday that some of its border military exercises, including those with Belarus, will continue.

Western officials were skeptical that Moscow would really lift the escalation when it made its first announcement.

President Joe Biden Said on Tuesday The White House has shown that Russia’s claim that Russia has withdrawn has “not yet been verified” and that its aggression is “clearly possible.”

Wednesday, NATO Secretary-General Russia said it is actually sending more troops towards the Ukrainian borderContradictory to Russia’s claim of withdrawal.

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