Russia has receded the threat of completely blocking Twitter by failing to remove banned content

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin. ALEXEY DRUZHININ / AFP / Getty Images

  • Russia will extend Twitter’s slowdown until May 15, state communications regulators said.

  • Russia began curbing services in March, threatening to ban services altogether, alleging that it failed to remove banned content.

  • Regulators said on Monday that Twitter has accelerated the removal.

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Russian state communications regulators announced on Monday that they would extend Twitter’s slowdown until May 15, but U.S. social media companies are removing banned content in Russia at a faster pace than before. He said he was.

Russia Said it was slowing down on March 10th Twitter has threatened to block the US platform altogether if it fails to comply with the removal request in retaliation for failing to remove the banned content.

A statement on Monday receded the threat of bans. Regulator, Roskomnadzor, Twitter said it has successfully removed content that is considered child abuse, substance abuse, and suicide content. Russian law claims that social networks have 24 hours to remove banned content, and Twitter has an average removal time of about 81 hours.

Sinead McSweeney, Twitter’s vice president of European policy, added that he met with Russian authorities on April 1 to explain the changes to the mitigation.

Roskomnadzor Said in that statementTranslated by Insider via Google: “For the first time, Roskomnadzor considers Twitter’s decision to change the principles and speed of its own moderating service in Russia and remove most of the content banned in this regard. Did not decide Proceed to next step-Completely block social network work in the territory of the country by extending the Twitter traffic limit until May 15.

“Therefore, Twitter will be given additional time to remove all prohibited content from social networks and make its activities fully compliant with Japanese law.”

News will come later New Russian law has been enforced Therefore, all smartphones must be pre-installed with Russian software, such as those manufactured by the giant homemade Yandex.

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