Russia launches six Kinzhal hypersonic missiles at once for first time in Ukraine

Russia used a wide range of weapons in its massive attack on March 9, including missiles that Ukrainian air defense systems have yet to shoot down.

sauce: Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson Colonel Yury Inat, broadcast during the 24/7 national joint newscast

Quote: β€œThe enemy used a wide range of weapons. Why are they doing this? To distract air defense forces. carried out attacks with different types of aircraft and ships – Black Sea, Azov Sea, Caspian Sea.

This includes missiles that Ukrainian air defenses currently do not have the assets to shoot down.Kinzal, with his S-300 anti-aircraft missiles (13 missiles were launched today), which the occupiers launch on the front lines almost every day [hypersonic] Missiles – 6 shots fired this time.

I can’t remember how many Kinjar missiles were fired at once during this war. The enemy does not have many of these missiles. We are talking about dozens (according to information from intelligence agencies, they have up to 50) … The enemy also launched six Kh-22 missiles of the most devastating capabilities did (they have a 950-kilogram warhead). ”

detail: Nevertheless, Ihnat pointed out that it does not generally mean that the Russian military is somehow “changing tactics”. I attacked from the front line.

Civilian infrastructure facilities are believed to be the primary targets of current attacks. Local government representatives can provide duly verified information on this issue.

Old: Air raid warning was a problemd All over Ukraine in the early hours of March 9. In the morning, the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Valery Zarznir, said that Russia had launched 81 missiles of various types against Ukraine, but that the air defense system had fired him out of his 48 cruise missiles. said it had shot down 34 shots.

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