Russia may be “investigating” the Biden administration by strengthening its army at the Ukrainian border

The Biden administration could face two major international crises “at any time,” journalist and historian Anne Applebaum said on Saturday. One of them is China’s invasion of Taiwan and the other is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. At this point, the latter is approaching reality, with an “abnormal number” of Russian troops heading to the Ukrainian border and recently violating a ceasefire agreement in eastern Ukraine. Foreign policy Report..

The United States and its allies take the threat seriously. Boris Rouge, vice chairman of the Munich Security Council, said that if Russia escalated, it would “pay”, hinting at the “results” of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which transports natural gas from Russia to Germany. It was.

The inclusive meaning is that the Kremlin wants to see how the Biden administration reacts, FP writing.. “They are investigating, what they are trying to see [the U.S.] What NATO does, what Ukrainians do. ” Said FP.. “Is this a flashy government or a government that acts with determination? They are doing all this to assess where the new government is.”

Sources familiar with Ukrainian military readiness Said FP In the field evaluation, Moscow is certainly “strategic”, but the possibility of “sudden land acquisition” is more Foreign policy..

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