Russia may take “measures involving military technology” if NATO rejects demand for Ukraine: Russia’s envoy

If the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) refused to prohibit Russia’s request for Ukraine from joining the military alliance, Russia’s envoy to Japan warned of “measures involving military technology.”

In an interview with Japanese media Japan Broadcasting Corporation On Monday, Russian ambassador Mikhail Galuzin said Ukraine’s accession to NATO would increase the military threat to Russia’s security in the alliance, and Western nations sending large quantities of weapons to Ukraine would take provocative actions by Ukrainian troops. Warned that it may encourage.

Gardin denied allegations that Russia, which had more than 100,000 troops stationed along its border with Ukraine, intends to start a war and reaffirms the willingness of diplomatic nations.

However, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky claimed on Monday that he maintained the Ukrainian sovereign’s desire to join NATO. “There is no signal from us that NATO membership is not our goal,” Zelensky told reporters.

His remarks were made after Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom Vadim Pristeco told the BBC that the former Soviet Republic could withdraw NATO’s bid to avoid a war with Russia.

Prestaco then clarified his comment, stating that withdrawing bids for NATO membership was not an option.

“We are not currently a member of NATO and we are ready for many concessions to avoid war, which is what we are doing in conversation with the Russians,” Presteco said. I mentioned it in another interview with the BBC. “It has nothing to do with NATO, which is enshrined in the Constitution.”

“Joining NATO is not a delay in our ambitions. What we are talking about is something like a bilateral agreement with the UK or the US because we are not in the family right now. You have to look for it, “he said. “So, in addition to NATO, we are now looking for some other arrangements that will allow us to survive in this particular ordeal.”

Zelensky also declared on Monday that February 16 would be “Unification Day” for the Ukrainian people, pushing back reports citing this day as “Attack Day” in Russia’s predictions of an invasion of Ukraine. rice field.

Ukraine has been “threatening to World War I” and the date of the military invasion has been announced, the president said, adding that this is “not the first time.”

“The relevant legislation has already been signed. On this day we raise the national flag and put on blue and yellow ribbons to show our unity to the world,” he said. statement..

He said the country’s army is constantly monitoring the situation and preparing a decent response to all possible scenarios and offensive actions.

Ukrainian officials said Zelensky did not anticipate the attack of the day and ironically responded to many foreign media reports citing February 16 as a potential intrusion date. ..

“It’s very understandable why Ukrainians today are skeptical of the various” specific dates “of the so-called” start of aggression “announced in the media,” said Mikairo, chief of staff of Zelensky.・ Podryak said.

Allen Zhong and Reuters contributed to this report.

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