Russia needs permission for its ship to investigate Nord Stream rupture: Novak


MOSCOW—Russia needs permission for its ships to investigate the explosion that damaged the Nordstream pipeline in the Baltic Sea, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said on Friday.

He did not specify who should give the permit, but Nordstream AG, the operator of the old Nordstream 1 pipeline, said last week that the owners of the chartered research vessel had received permission from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to begin sailing. Evaluate pipeline rupture.

“The whole problem is the access of our ships, which should have a right of way[to the area of ​​the incident],” Novak told reporters, commenting on Moscow’s efforts to investigate the damage to the pipeline. .

Russia on Thursday summoned diplomats from Germany, Denmark and Sweden to complain that representatives of Moscow and Gazprom were not invited to participate in an investigation into a gas leak in the gas pipeline leading from Russia to Europe. Said said.

Sweden had previously rejected calls from Russian authorities asking it to participate in investigations or share complex findings.

The Danish Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that “Russia’s desire to participate in the investigation into the Nord Stream leak was raised through diplomatic channels in Moscow and Copenhagen.”

The cause of the damage to the Nord Stream pipeline remains unknown, although European Union countries have said sabotage is suspected, and Russia has called the incident an “international act of terrorism”.