Russia says it is losing because Ukraine has an experimental mutation unit created in a secret biolab




About 5 months after the meaningless war with Ukraine, Russia Created a wild new explanation for the reason The Kremlin’s plans for a swift acquisition have collapsed Of course, during a “secret experiment” at a biolab run by the United States, the Ukrainian army turned into a super-murder machine.

Russian troops refuse to fight thousands of people, interfere with their own crude equipment, and even Deliberately hurt yourself To abandon the war, Russian lawmakers claim that the true retreat of Moscow “paralyzed” Ukrainian soldiers.

The claim was made on Monday by two Russian lawmakers leading a committee investigating Ukraine’s “Biolaboraries”. Kommersant report.

Vice-chairman of the Russian Federation, Constantine Kosachev, and Vice-chairman of the House of Representatives, Irina Yarovaya, advertised what they said as the discovery of a bomb from an “investigation.”

They claimed that examination of the blood of Ukrainian prisoners of war revealed “various illnesses” suggesting that they had been secretly tested for “military purposes.”

“And we see: the cruelty and savagery that Ukrainian soldiers behave, the crimes they commit against civilians, those huge crimes they commit against prisoners of war, this system is a cruel murder machine in the United States. It was carried out under the control of the Ukrainian, “Yarobaya was reported to have told reporters.

“And these performance-enhancing drugs still given to completely neutralize the last traces of human consciousness and turn them into the most cruel and deadly monsters confirm this,” she said. Insisted.

Curiously, she also claimed that the presence of hepatitis A antibodies in the blood of Ukrainian prisoners was evidence of an American biolab plot. domestic.

“It’s quite possible that this was about testing these medicines in military personnel,” Yarovaya said.

This claim seemed to be a new view of the Russian Defense Ministry’s routine development of biolab conspiracy theories to justify the war.

Conspiracy theories date back to the Soviet Union, but were more often amplified by the Kremlin figures after the invasion on February 24th. The Jewish president was unable to gain much traction beyond domestic publicity.

The latest iteration seems to be aimed at explaining Russia’s military retreat by the mutant Ukrainian army.

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