Russia says it will expel 10 U.S. diplomats in response to sanctions

Russia will expel 10 US diplomats and launch other retaliation measures in response to recent sanctions issued by President Joe Biden’s administration.

“10 diplomats were on the list and the US side handed them over to us and asked them to make sure they were leaving the US. I would ask a US diplomat to leave our country, “he said. Said Press conference.

The Biden administration will affect about 30 Russian individuals and groups on Thursday with sanctions on attempts to interfere with the 2020 elections and a cyberattack on SolarWinds, a software suite used on behalf of Moscow. Said. By some federal agencies.

The White House Executive Order message In a strategically and economically influential way when the White House continues or escalate unstable international actions, including “efforts to undermine the implementation of free and fair democratic elections” and the US system. It imposes costs on Russia, “said the Kremlin.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the Kremlin had told US Ambassador John Sullivan about Russia’s response.

“No one has revoked the principle of reciprocity on such issues, which is the basic principle,” Peskov told Russian reporters, according to the Washington Post. “Once again, everything depends on the decisions of the Head of State.”

However, Peskov said Russian President Vladimir Putin and Biden had agreed to ease tensions between the two nuclear-armed nations.

“President Putin talked about the feasibility of building, normalizing and escalating our relationships,” Peskov said. “He consistently talks about it. He’s convinced of it. He’s ready to develop our dialogue to the extent that our counterparts are ready to do it. I have repeatedly stated that I am. “

Lavrov also said that Russia could take “painful steps” against US business interests in Russia, but would not immediately implement it and “save them for future use.” Said it would be.

He warned that Russia might ask the United States to reduce the number of staff at its embassies and consulates from about 450 to 300 if Washington moves to further increase pressure. The Russian number includes about 150 UN personnel he claimed he should not be part of the equation.

The Epoch Times has contacted the US State Department for comment.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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