Russia says it will not resume natural gas flows to Europe through critical pipelines until ‘Western groups’ lift sanctions against the country

Russian President Vladimir Putin looks at the annual press conference in Moscow, Russia on December 19, 2019. About 1,500 journalists and photographers attended the annual Vladimir Putin's 4.5-hour press conference.

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends the annual press conference in Moscow on December 19, 2019.Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

  • The Kremlin said gas flows to Europe via Nord Stream 1 would resume once the sanctions were lifted.

  • The comments were the Kremlin’s sharpest yet linking gas supplies to sanctions.

  • On Friday, Gazprom suspended the flow of gas through its main pipeline indefinitely, citing technical problems.

The Kremlin on Monday released its harshest comments on cutting off Russia’s natural gas flow to Europe via the main Nord Stream 1 pipeline, citing a “Western group” to lift sanctions against Moscow. He said supplies would not resume.

“The gas supply problem arose because of the sanctions imposed on our country by Western countries, including Germany and the UK,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in a conference call. Reuters Reported on Monday.

“We see constant attempts to shift the blame and hold the blame on us. I argue that it should be held accountable, it’s now,” Peskov told Reuters.

Peskov added that Nordstream 1 would “certainly” resume supplies to Europe once sanctions were eased, according to reports.

Previous stop supply completely last fridayRussia’s state-owned gas giant Gazprom had already slowed the flow of natural gas nord stream 1 Several months. Company and the Kremlin We have consistently argued that the slowdown in gas flow is due to technical reasons.

Due to a complete outage in Nord Stream 1, Dutch Natural Gas Futures Benchmark A 36% jump in just one day on Monday.

Russia supplies about 40% of Europe’s natural gas, most of which is transported by pipeline. In 2021, Russia exported about 155 billion cubic meters of fuel to Europe. Nord Stream 1 pipeline, according to Reuters.

Just after shutting down Nord Stream 1 two networks Pipelines that carry natural gas to Europe remain. One is flowing through Ukraine, where supplies have slowed because of the war.

Warren Patterson, head of commodities strategy, wrote: “Markets are likely to become increasingly nervous about flows not only through Turkey, but also through Ukraine.” ING Bank on monday.

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