Russia seeking military equipment from China: Report

Russian officials reportedly contacted Chinese counterparts about obtaining military equipment from the country as Moscow continued to invade Ukraine.

U.S. officials said Washington post When New York Times It is part of a potential arms trade, but details on the types of weapons requested by Russia have not been disclosed.

The Times reported that Moscow requested Beijing for additional financial support. Beijing has become a major ally as much of the world is trying to isolate Russia.

A spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Washington said he had “never heard” a request for help from Moscow. Per reuters..

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, who is planning a China Yang Jiechi meeting this week, will not provide Russia with physical assistance to deal with global sanctions on Sunday. I warned.

“We are directly and personally telling Beijing that large-scale sanctions avoidance efforts and support for Russia will definitely occur,” Sullivan told CNN.

“We do not allow it to move forward, nor do we allow any country in the world to have a lifeline from these sanctions to Russia,” he added.

In a television interview on Sunday, Russia’s finance minister Anton Siluanov shared that some of Russia’s gold and foreign exchange reserves are in Chinese currency, according to the post.

“I understand how Western countries are putting pressure on China to limit mutual trade,” Siranov said in an interview.

“But I think the partnership with China can not only maintain and maintain the cooperation we have achieved, but also increase it in an environment where the western market is closed,” he added. ..

Russia has been hit by increasing sanctions from Western nations since it began its invasion of Ukraine, and the United States and Britain have recently been hit by increasing sanctions. Will be phased out Russian oil, natural gas and coal imports.

Some officials said Russia was deficient in some types of ammunition in the midst of an ongoing crisis, the post said.

“If Beijing provides some military aid to support Moscow’s war in Ukraine, the spillover effect on U.S.-China policy could be enormous,” said Eric, a former U.S. Indo-Pacific military adviser. Sayers told the post.

Update: 6:08 pm