Russia seeks to extend the geographic reach of its attacks and penetrate its defenses

Russian aggressors are expanding their attack geography on the Lyman Front and seeking to break through Ukrainian defenses.

sauce: Deputy Minister of Defense Hannah Mariah telegram

Quote: “Intense fighting continues in the east. The enemy is trying to expand the geographic area of ​​its attack on the Lyman Front.

Despite heavy losses, the Russian aggressors continue offensive operations on the Bakhmut, Avdiuka and Novopavlivka fronts. ”

detail: Marial pointed out that Russian troops were actively trying to reach the borders of the Donetsk and Luhansk provinces. We are fighting, trying to repel Russian attacks and maintain our defenses.

Quote: “Under these circumstances, in the end, all is success. We are using our strength and resources to the maximum and even more.

And each day of the resistance is another heroic day that brings us closer to victory, robbing us of the opportunity to disperse the enemy’s forces by destroying their equipment and manpower. Even if it doesn’t all come together at once and it takes time.”


  • On the evening of February 1, the General Staff reported that the Russian army preparing to attack Also, attempts at continued offensive action on the Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdiuka and Novopavlivka fronts.

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