Russia sent dollar-eurobond coupon payments to NSD in rubles: Treasury


Moscow-Russian Ministry of Finance fulfills “full” obligations regarding the issuance of two dollar-denominated Eurobonds by sending a coupon payment of 12.51 billion rubles ($ 234.5 million) to the National Settlement Vault (NSD) on Thursday. He said he did.

The ministry said payments would be for Eurobonds due in 2027 and 2047.

“Therefore, the obligation to service government bonds of the Russian Federation has been fully fulfilled by the Ministry of Finance,” the ministry said in a statement.

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said in a statement that even if Russia did not pay in the issuing currency, it would not default on its external debt.

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Wednesday to establish a temporary procedure aimed at fulfilling Russia’s external debt.

The ministry said it was moving to the procedures stipulated by Putin’s decree. In this procedure, depending on the amount of sanctions applied to each investor, the funds will be paid to the NSD in rubles in rubles before being gradually distributed to the three bondholder groups.

Epoch Times Photo
File photo showing Russian Finance Minister Anton Sir Anov at a conference held in Moscow, Russia on March 12, 2020. (Sputnik / Dmitry Astakhov / Pool via Reuters)

Eurobond holders whose ownership is part of the Russian financial system are paid in rubles, and the holdings of investors who cannot transfer funds due to sanctions imposed on Moscow are credited to the NSD’s special ruble account. increase.

“In order to strictly comply with the obligations of Eurobonds underwritten by the Russian Federation, funds from this account will be indexed at the current market exchange rate of the nominal currency until the moment of actual settlement with the holder. “.

According to the ministry, investors need to open a ruble account to receive these funds.

“The holders of each of these three groups of Eurobonds have the right to dispose of the ruble funds received at their discretion, including conversion to a designated foreign currency or another currency,” the ministry said. ..

“The permission to send the received rubles or the acquired foreign currency abroad will be granted soon.”

Asked if the new plan would allow Russia to make the claim that default did not occur, Siluanov said: “Everyone will still say what they want to say.”

($ 1 = 53.3500 rubles)